Saturday, 6 February 2016


Bolo Necklace: Jay Nicole*
Vintage Suit: Waiste Vintage (sadly now sold)
T-shirt: Bandit Brand*

Photography: Hannah Mae Clark

Immediately now regretting selling this two piece after looking back at these photos. I honestly didn't even realise it at the time but the suit almost looks like a cactus, making it perfect for shooting in this cactus room. It was a total coincidence I promise! I love it when things work out like that. Also it was too big for me, hence the selling, otherwise I definitely would have kept onto this, as it's not everyday you find a cactus suit! haha.

A big thank you to Jay Nicole for some of the best bolo necklaces around, they're such a staple for me at the moment and they go with everything. Definitely packing them for the desert when I head to LA. They have a ton of other amazing styles too, if a bolo isn't your thing.

In other news, there's the last vintage product for a few weeks over on Waiste Vintage tonight, and although this dream suit has already sold, there's loads more amazing vintage up for grabs at 7pm GMT.

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Desert Dreaming

Hat: Brixton*
Waistcoat: Glass Onion*
With Jumper: The Fith*

Ok so, I’m getting my blogging game back on big time. Feeling a lot more motivated and determined all of a sudden.Maybe it’s the warmer weather, maybe it’s the fact for the first time ever I’ve actually got some time to blog, who knows, but something’s changed inside me. I actually shot this outfit before Christmas!! (I know) and I wasn’t sure about it, and my lack of confidence recently put me off, but I thought no, come on let’s do this, the only person I know can motivate me to do this is myself. 

I have definitely noticed with my style recently that I’ve been flirting between my normal 70s bohemian vibe and a slightly more western cowgirl vibe depending on my mood and this was definitely a western day. Fringe forever, I love the fringing at the top of these Public Desire boots, they definitely add the perfect western touch to any outfit, and the same with this incredible Brixton hat, this shape is everything a cowgirl could want.

Monday, 1 February 2016

Waterloo Sunset - Waiste Vintage SS Lookbook

Photography: Hannah Mae Clark
Models: Jessica Jenner and Eliza Moore
Styling: Sara Thomas

Introducing the brand new Waiste Vintage SS Lookbook! Shot around the streets of London Town and featuring some of my favourite vintage pieces I've sourced to date, I'm really in love with this one and how it turned out. I'm so happy with it. A massive thank you to all the creative girls involved in this magic making. These are a few of my favourite shots but you can view the whole lookbook here, and shop the collection here (but hurry, there's not much left!)

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Being Honest

Bag: The Bihi Store*
Jeans: Pylo
Hat: Brixton*

Photographer: Hannah Mae Clark

I just don't feel like blogging at the moment. There I said it. It's grey, dreary, cold and wet and I can hardly dress myself in this funny end of season in between winter, let alone go outside and take photos. My skin looks awful, I don't feel myself and I just feel like hibernating at the moment. I just don't feel like it. I've got loads of posts saved but I'm in full hypocrictal mode of myself and I'm really putting off posting them. It's hard putting yourself out there all the time and trying to be cheerful and upbeat, sometimes I just feel like being honest. I don't like myself at the moment.

I'm also in full on-I just want to go to LA right now-mode as I've just had enough, I CAN'T WAIT TO LEAVE. Funnily enough of course I can think of so many outfits I want to wear out there already, just not here. I'm craving the adventure but there's still so many weeks to go.

It was my birthday on Monday and for the past few years now I've started to dread being older, it's not fun anymore. So I think that's adding to my low confidence. I did go to Sketch though which was super dreamy. I know this is a bit of a depressing ramble but I feel like letting this out made me feel a little better, but seriously my motivation and confidence is at an all time low. I know I should be happier but I'm just not. Is anyone else feeling this at this time of year or is it just me?
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