Boots: c/o Matisse
Playsuit: Topshop
Hat: Brixton

Photography: Jessica McCleave

Man, I've been eyeing up these boots for ages, and I'm so glad they are finally on my feet! They go with just about anything, I love them with this Topshop playsuit, but they look just as good with jeans too. I love cream/ecru coloured boots, not very practical I know, but they look great.

I actually don't know whose car this is on my street so I just wanted to do a little shoutout and a thank you for me always using it as a prop, I can't even drive, so it's a little ironic. One day! It's one of those things I always put towards the back of my to do list and never get done.

I've been busy busy buying for my vintage shop but I've finally had time to sit down and blog, I really need to get an organised routine with blogging!

I've been having a strange clothing crisis of late, I don't know if it's because I'm being influenced by influencers on instagram, (wow tongue twister) or I just feel like I'm getting stuck in a rut and constantly buying the same things, but right now I literally want to throw all my clothes in the bin and start again. (Obvs wouldn't literally throw them all in the bin I would sell/give to charity, RECYCLE people) But yeah, there's somany well put together outfits I've been inspired by recently, and I'm really starting to want to curate a wardrobe of amazing key pieces that are worth the money, not just impulse buying, which lets face it is fun (better when drunk) but in reality those pieces won't last. I'm also starting more research into sustainable brands, especially ones in the UK more in my next blog post about that!) so I can give you a list of my faves. Lots more exciting posts coming up so stay tuned.

PS: This playsuit also comes in green too, HELLO.


Most people who know me know that I’ve never been the marrying kind, but after wearing one of Rue de Seine dresses that could seriously change. Yes, yes of course I know I shouldn’t be getting married just for the dress obviously, but also LOOK AT THIS DRESS. It has fringe detachable sleeves for heavens sakes, I actually want to wear this just as a dress, not just for a wedding!

Honestly if it wasn’t for the pebbles, you could almost be fooled into thinking this was shot on a beach in California and not Brighton last week! It’s a little bit of a strange one me blogging about wedding dresses without actually being close to getting married, but I couldn’t resist when I saw how dreamy the Rue De Seine bohemian dresses are. They fit my aesthetic perfectly. Apart from getting a few strange stares on the beach Kaye shot this shoot absolutely perfectly, better that I could have dreamed it-so perfect in fact I want her to a. be my wedding photographer if I do get married, and b. I would just use these images when I get married anyway, I literally want to print one off and frame it haha.

I mean, if I was to get married, I would 100% want to run away to the Californian desert to do it, and literally just have close friends/family and I’d definitely wear this fringe jacket over my dress. I would never go into a standard wedding shop and get a traditional dress, it’s just not my style AT ALL. So I'm pretty happy I did discover Rue De Seine ! A few more favourite dresses from them are this one, this one and THIS ONE :) 

Yes there are a lot of photos in this post I do apologise but it's not everyday I get to shoot a wedding dress like this!

'Ferra Night' wedding Dress: Rue De Seine*
Jacket: Vintage
Hat: Brixton*

Shot by Kaye

Well, it's not often you can walk around the UK in just jeans and a t-shirt is it? let's face it, even in summer here. But, by some sort of sign from the Gods that absolutely everyone here was sick of winter, there was a miraculous heatwave last week, and that just left me craving more sun.

I do admit that quite often I feel like I should have been born in wrong decade, the wrong country, but then I think should I have really? If I was actually from America would I appreciate all the Americana and western feels and love it as much as I do by travelling there? Would I still dress like this if I was from there? If I was born in the seventies would I have wanted to wear flares and hippie dresses then? It does make you realise that maybe as far as fate would go, even if you don't think it, you usually are in the right place and the right place, there is a reason.

For example, take these amazing boots from Matisse, I'm a massive fan of the brand and I have been for years, they're American, but you can order online, and I love that about them, the fact I can wear them here in the UK without worrying I'll walk into someone in the same pair in the street, and I get tell people about the brand too, every time I wear them they are always a talking point. They're different, harder to get hold of than your average UK high street boots and cooler (well in my opinion anyway haha) to own. 

Although it's nice to daydream about being someone or being somewhere else, it's so important to appreciate what you have, right here and now in the moment. The sun came out last week and everyone went straight to Brighton beach, it was one of the most fun weeks I have had in a long time, and would I have wished I was anywhere else at that moment? No, I knew I was exactly where I needed to be.

Paisley Scarf: ASOS (old)
Harley Davidson T-Shirt: Los Angeles

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