Wednesday, 4 October 2017

Hello October

Rucksack: My Green Bag*
Embroidered Kaftan: Waiste Vintage
Boots: Free People (old)

Photography: Natasha Marshall

Hello October. The perfect time to wear this embroidered cotton kaftan, I'm obsessed with anything embroidered, vintage being the best of course. My favourite time of year is October, when it's not quite-THAT-cold yet, all the pretty leaves are turning pretty colours and it's time to get a little snuggly on the sofa watching some rubbish TV without feeling like I'm missing out on going out anywhere. Had a day off today which meant having a massive lie in, catching up on 53672 emails and taking Stanny for a walk on the beach.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

It's been a while...

Dress: Ilk+Ernie*
Jacket: Waiste Vintage

Photographer: Anna Felicia Photography

It feels so weird writing a blog post for the first time in months. I don't know where to start. So much has happened that unfortunately I had to stop blogging for a while, I've just got so much going on. We're now in the process of buying the shop myself and my boyfriend started as a little pop up in Feb, and we got a puppy! Plus keeping up with my ASOS work and my website, and basically life just got too hectic, and has flown by.

But I woke up today with the intention of getting into blogging again, and I'm forcing myself to do it, cup of tea in hand. Just realised these were shot a while back too! Time management is clearly not one of my key skills. These are part of a three part series working with a new photographer I found in Brighton called Anna Felicia who is absolutely lovely and totally got my vibe. I'm always looking for new photographers so if anyone is interested in shooting let me know!

These were taken in the cutest cafe near Preston Park called Cafe Rust, (which make the best chai lattes FYI) by the lovely Anna Felicia. I'm wearing the perfect dress for this Autumn, HELLO velvet and embroidery, my two favourite things! Made by my babe Jess who runs Ilk and Ernie, which will be stocked in our vintage shop in Brighton this week too, exciting! Lots of velvet, lace and fringe, dreamy.

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

SYC x Amber Scott Yoga Retreat Review - PART TWO

Above: Sunrise at Trasseria

 Following on from the last blog post all about my Spanish Yoga getaway. On the Saturday morning we awoke early again to indulge in another yoga practice by Amber, and this one really pushed it (in a good way!) I stretched muscles that had never been stretched before, and really pushed myself and I could feel the benefits straight away. if you're feeling stressed or have a lot going on, I would honestly recommend some time to do yoga, I'm a full convert, whether it be at home watching youtube instructors or signing up for some local classes, it really not only helps your body but your mind too.

After the class we had a beautiful breakfast followed by an intense three hour hike to really blow away those cobwebs. It felt so refreshing to be able to walk and talk with some really inspiring women, open up and get out of my comfort zone.

We then sat down to another beautiful feast of handmade food, they were really spoiling us! I've never eaten so well. After eating we had a bit of downtime, which meant I could shoot with the retreat photographer, Natasha Marshall, and we got some really great shots, the Trassiera Villa being the perfect backdrop, as well as all the pretty land around it! And of course the weather, how I've missed the sunshine. 

Saturday evening came, and another yoga lesson, this one being a little specialer (and easier after the hike!) I was really getting into at this point, honestly it's a wonder what it can do for your head. After the lesson we were treated to a crystal bowl sound session by Gabrielle Hailes, which I've never experienced before-it's a healing using sounds, like a large bowl, and it is very intense at first, it's so hard to explain, it's not frightening but it does stir up some feeling inside you, Gabrielle explained that the best way is to embrace it, which I allowed myself to do and it did evoke a sense of calm inside. 

I was so glad I went and experienced this, I couldn't recommend it enough, whether you're beginner or expert, going on the retreat did wonders for me, not only for body but for mind too.

To find out more about SYC and their events, click here

Weekly Wednesday SYC yoga classes in London:

Gabrielle Hailes teaching:

Amber Scott teaching:

And their next retreat in Italy looks to be amazing!


All photos of me: Natasha Marshall


Thursday, 30 March 2017

SYC x Amber Scott Yoga Retreat Review - PART ONE

Well, where do I begin reviewing the Secret Yoga Club Trassierra retreat? Honestly this retreat could not have come at a better time for me. 

A couple of weekends ago I was invited to take part in the Secret Yoga Clubs Trassiera Villa intimate yoga retreat. SYC was founded by Gabrielle Hales and the retreat hosted by Amber Scott in Spain, focusing on a weekend full of yoga, meditation, relaxation, guided hikes and Mediterranean food, intentionally created to focus on individual attention for each guest. Of course I jumped at the chance. Despite being slightly nervous of being a beginner to yoga myself (my mum is a yoga teacher but I’ve not had many lessons myself) I was determined to get out of my comfort zone and give it a try.

After getting the plane all by ,myself (another first and I really liked it, I love airports) I arrived at Seville to be greeted by the other lovely ladies who would be joining the retreat. It was a real mixture of fascinating and inspiring women whom i got to know all about over the weekend.

We arrived at the stunning Trassiera Villa around nightfall, and after being led to my stunning bedroom see below, when can I move in? We were straight into out first yoga class, a decompression practice, which is not as scary as it sounds, led by Amber Scott and it was a lovely introduction into the couple of days of yoga that followed ahead. We focused on stretching out our bodies, guided by Ambers softly spoken and calming manor, I felt the tension that had been built up over the past few weeks beginning to be relived already. 

After our practice a stunning feast of fresh  Mediterranean food was served, and we all got to relax and get to know one another a little better. 

The location of the retreat suited it perfectly, the Trassiera Villa was breathtaking, both at night and in the day, it really was like staying in a fairytale. I went to bed that night exhausted but relaxed, and had one of the best nights sleep I’ve had in ages.

On Friday morning, terrified of over sleeping and missing the first yoga class at 8:30 I set about five alarms (anyone who knows me knows I am late for absolutely everything) and my nerves were starting to get the better of me over taking part in the first yoga class, thinking that everyone would be looking at me knowing I didn’t know what I was doing. I needn’t have worried, the retreat was aimed at all levels of yoga, whether be a beginner or an expert, and I couldn’t have wished for a better teacher in Amber. Both Amber and Gabrielle helped guide anyone who needed a hand, and i definitely did plenty of times, and it was such calming experience to be in the yoga studio with her. After a leisurely breakfast we set off on our first hike of the weekend, with the weather being slightly cooler it was the perfect setting for a breathtaking walk around the acres of land surrounding the villa, finishing off with a picnic on the hill.  I then indulged in a massage, kindly provided through the Trassiera, I haven't had one in years!

To be continued…


Sunday, 12 March 2017

Starry Eyed

Top: OOTO*
Jeans: ASOS
Hat: Brixton*
Belt: Vintage

Photography: Hannah Mae Clark

I'm so bored of winter. Wake me up when it's spring please. Trying to change in the midst of howling cold wind in the middle of Hampstead heath is not my idea of fun. These shots came out super well though, thanks to the amazing Hannah.

I can't believe this time last year I was in the middle of Joshua Tree, time is flying by, and so much can change in a year. I'm so lucky to be living a dream of opening a shop right now so let's stop moaning about the weather. Here's to warm weather soon and thinking positive thoughts.
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