Tuesday, 11 September 2012


DAY ONE: Velvet top: Charity shop, Paisley shorts: Charity shop PJ bottoms, Boots: Ebay, Bag: Topshop via Ebay, Denim jacket: WAISTE
DAY TWO: Kimono: Evil Twin via ASOS (sold out), Boots: Ebay (actually wore DM's), Shorts: Charity shop,Metallica T-shirt: Vintage, Heart bag: Topshop via Ebay.
DAY THREE: Cat t-shirt: Ebay, Collar: H&M, Tartan Skirt: Vintage, Boots: Dr Martens, Denim jacket: WAISTE
Hershy's got a new toy!
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Ahh Bestival was AMAZING! I love it so much every year, it's my fourth one and it just keeps getting better! And the weather was beautiful this year! I've got full on Bestival blues at the moment. I think the best thing about this one was the fact I was lucky enough to stay at my boyfriends mums house which meant BED, SHOWER, CLEAN CLOTHES AND FOOD. I don't think I could have faced lugging my stuff down/up the massive hill again!  
Unfortunately I didn't have time to dress up which was such a shame, none of the group I was with had time either-and we were all so sad about it as WILDLIFE was such a good theme! Saw some amazing costumes though!
Any way I'm so so so excited about Autumn now though, my absolute favourite time of the year, cannot wait to get my winter wardrobe out, start layering clothes and wrapping up warm. I don't know about anyone else but I am getting a little bit bored of tie-dye, crosses, crochet, floral etc, and staring at my summer wardrobe...until next year that is! 
I've also got my new WAISTE collection shoot coming up in the next few weeks so will be super busy but very exciting and fun! Can't wait. Perfect way to get over my Bestival blues.

Tuesday, 17 July 2012



Yesterday I was wearing: Velvet and Chiffon dress: Charity shop, Tie dye shirt: Deptford market, Boots: Ebay.

Just a quick post. This was actually yesterday's outfit, I wasn't feeling very creative today or with my clothes at the moment, I just want to throw them all out of the window and start again, and I need to tone my hair again! This dress/top used to have horrible chiffon sleeves which meant I never wore it but after hacking them off I wear it a lot more. Feel quite witchy in this outfit. All it's been doing is rain rain rain which has completely dampened my mood this week. I feel like everything I'm wearing is really autumnal, and although I really want to just wear summery clothes no matter what, sandals don't really suit torrential rain! Annoying.


Monday, 11 June 2012



Ok, so following on from my hair wrap post, I figured out how to hair wrap this weekend! It's REALLY EASY. This one above actually only took about 15 minutes before I went out. When I was little I used to wrap my dolls hair all the time after teaching myself, and I actually remembered what to do!
so I thought I would do a mini tutorial on what to do, as I got great feedback on it! All you will need for your hair wrap is:

  • A selection of colours of embroidery thread or thread of similiar thickness. (I used 3 colours and then black for detailing) The thread has to be just over double your hair length.
  • Scissors
  • Elastic band to secure hair.

1. Ok, so first of all cut the thread just over twice as long as your hair you're wrapping is, then tie the ends in a knot. I've used 3 colours for this one-GREEN, ORANGE AND YELLOW. It's important to make sure you have a lot of thread as you will run out before the end if it's not at least double your hair length!

2. Then  take a small section of hair from slightly underneath your hair (just so you can't see the start of the wrap-I thought it looks neater slightly covered) Plait the hair, then secure with an elastic band.

3. Then tie the thread to the top of your plait with a knot, making sure it is secure. There will be the ends of the thread visible but you will be wrapping the thread over it to cover it. NOW YOU ARE READY TO WRAP! (make sure the rest of your hair is secured away from the wrap as it is very painful when it gets tangled up with the hair wrap.

4. To wrap, take either one, two or all your coloured thread, and literally wrap it around your hair! Make sure you hold the colours you are not wrapping and the plait tightly as you will be wrapping the other thread over them. As you can see above, I started off by only wrapping green, then orange and yellow together.
Be careful-the thread is very long as can sometimes get tangled up at the bottom of the plait, which is annoying.

5. After every section I did, I did a quick knot to secure it just in case, but you don't have to. It also doesn't have to be neat.In my reference from my previous post you could see some hair through the wrap and it wasn't tight, so I tried to be as messy as possible and tried to get some of the plait showing through. Try any variation you like on the wrap! I also left a bit of hair at the end of the wrap.

As you can see it's not neat at all!

6. At the end secure the wrap with a double knot. You will be left with some excess thread, I just cut mine off, but you can leave it if you want.

7. TADA! Finished wrap.

 To decorate it you can add beads, charms, or constrasting thread. For my first one I got a thinner piece of black thread, tied it at the bottom then wrapped it up and down with a gap between wach wrap, so when you wrap it down it creates a criss cross, then tied it in a knot at the bottom and cut off the excess thread!

Wow mY first DIY tutorial thing YAY! I really hope this all makes sense! Would love to see any more hair wraps. Please ask if you have any questions! The next one I do I'm definitely going to add some beads or something, as well as maybe glitter thread?!

Also- be careful when washing your hair, as you don't want to ruin your wrap!

P.S: Sorry I look a bit miserable in these photos, was concentrating hard.

Friday, 8 June 2012


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Alida Buffalo AW12 Lookbook.

How lovely is this lookbook from online vintage boutique Alida Buffalo? This is what I'm hoping summer will look like, although I'm not holding out much hope so far. But these photos provide an amazing source of inspiration if it ever happens/I run away to become a hippy. I can't stop looking at them.

I've just discovered this super cute vintage shop, created by Australian stylist Kit Scholley. (she did the amazing Mink Pink SS12 campaign) I absolutely love her styling! Perfection. She's an amazing source of inspiration, check out her tumblr HERE ,and on it is the quote:


Which just also so happens to pretty much some up my personal style completely. Massive girl crush!

Hope everyone had an amazing Jubilee weekend, even though it rained, I did and Field day was awesome. I will resume outfit posting when it stops raining!

This weekend, I'm going to be obsessed with trying to do something like this to my hair:


I really want to bring back hair wraps, I used to love doing these!


Wednesday, 9 May 2012


The weather is rubbish outside yet again, so I've been mainly indoors watching some of my favourite films, to try and get some inspiration to pull together some new outfits! I'm at the stage where I'm bored of trying to plan summery outfits around tights and big coats so thought I'd share with some of my inspirational icons of a few of my ultimate favourite films. If you've seen them you will see what I mean! I think I have something similiar to all of them in my wardrobe, I would love to be any of these girls, they not only do they dress cool, they are in my opinion the ultimate film babes. If you haven't seen any of these films, go watch now!

1. Drew Barrymore as Ivy in Poison Ivy. Photobucket 
Her outfits in this film are incredible! And so is her hair! complete hair envy. Ok so she may play a psycho bitch, but she looks good while she's doing it. Leather, Levi's denim shorts, short skirts and blouses tied at the waist. Oh and fake tattoos and piercing's. She's too cool. And I love all of Sylvie's tie dye, yin yang and floral outfits too. this film is such a good source of style inspiration!

2. Natalie Portman as Mathilda in Leon.

The coolest kid in a film ever, the best 90s wardrobe consisting of stripey crop tops, pattern shorts, velvet chokers, crochet cardigans and bomber jackets. I want it all! (in fact I think I do have some form of everything she wears).

3. Christina Ricci as Layla in Buffalo 66.
She may only wear one outfit the whole outfit in the whole film, but to get kidnapped by Vincent Gallo, I wouldn't mind either. I want her hair, and her figure it's so perfect. One of only a few babes that can pull of satin babydolls, in the day. Again another 90's amazing film. You need to watch it it's amazing-the ending is perfect.

4. Alicia Silverstone as Cher in Clueless.
This is an obvious one for most, so I'm not gonna say anything but this: Who can pull of matching outfits better than Cher Horowitz? I wish I went to school in the 90's. I want to get more matching jackets and skirts/dresses! And I need a furry leopard print backpack like Dionnes. I know all the words to this film.

5. Kate Hudson as Penny Lane in Almost Famous.
Her jacket and glasses. She's my main source of inspiration when I want to try out a boho hippy vibe, I posted about my coat that was similar to hers before! I've read the book that the film was based on and the outfits sounded incredible! Lace, flares, velvet, sheepskin. Perfect. And Penny Lane is the ultimate band aid, and all round beautiful girl.

6. Liv Tyler as Corey Mason in Empire Records.
Liv Tyler at her coolest. She is so naturally beautiful! I actually got told I reminded someone of Empire Records when I used to dress more like this last year. Embarrassing. Cropped jumpers, plaid skirts and lace up boots. I will always love.

7. Patricia Arquette as Alabama Worley in True Romance.
This is one of my favourite FAVOURITE films, if not my favourite, and although my style isn't remotely similiar to Alabama's, she is my ultimate film babe. Leopard print faux fur coats, pink leggings, peroxide hair and red lipstick, turquoise bras and those sunglasses. She is the coolest girl, and looks amazing in anything. Perfect. To be honest I think living in England is the only thing stopping me from stealing her style, I need to move to LA.

So this is pretty much where i get most of my style inspiration from, my favourite girls in my favourite films. Can you tell? Does anyone else do this? I wanna know everyone else's favourite film inspirations!

PS. I'm off to Great Escape in Brighton on Friday if anyone else is? xx


Sunday, 6 May 2012


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Today I'm wearing: Peacock dress: Charity shop, Sheepskin coat: Vintage, Shoes: Charity shop.

For some reason I thought this dress had elephants on it-and they are in fact peacocks! I'm going mad. Excuse the shoes-I only put them on to go the shop and thought on the way I really needed to take a picture of this dress! It's one of my favourites-it looks like something you'd pick up traveling in India or Thailand or something, and I'm glad someone gave it away so I could get the chance to wear it, as I'm not sure I would ever be able to afford to go traveling. It's also great when you just need something to throw on and with the coat I feel like I'm straight out of Almost Famous. 

I also bought some silver hair dye from crazy colour the other day, and my hair has gone quite white! I like it though. Apologies for the roots-my hair is an embarrasment. 

PS: I haven't had time to do any blog reading this week at all so I promise I will catch up with them all tomorrow/reply to comments etc. I feel like I'm missing out! xxxxx

Monday, 30 April 2012

Crochet Day

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Today I'm wearing: Crochet waistcoat: Vintage, White dress: TFNC (old), Boots: Ebay, Necklace: Camden, Bag: Mulberry, Tail: Ebay.

It's finally sunny! Hence why I look a bit squinty in these pictures. I did wear a coat with this outfit, but not one I haven't posted on here like a billion times before. And PAYDAY TODAY. Finally I could buy the WAI VI KI style boots I saw on ebay! I've seen them on LOADS of blogs,obviously Wai Vi Ki's HERE and mainly Daisy's HERE and really wanted them as they seem like the perfect chunky platform boot, and will grunge up so many of my dresses come summer! And these boots and wearing have definitely seen better days. They didn't have my size on Wai Vi Ki unfortunately so I searched on ebay and found some slightly cheaper! however they are from China I think so are going to take ages to get here! Boo. Just type in chunky goth buckle boot. Haha.  

I'm never sure what to put with this crochet waistcoat, I used to wear it like THIS, (my second blog post ever!) but am bored of that look now. I found this really old TFNC dress lurking in the back of the wardrobe, I think it was a beach dress? Anyway it's really floaty and has loads of material, and is perfect for the grungy boho vibe I'm (trying) to go for. I think next time I'm going to try a vintage tshirt? Just wish I didn't still have to wear tights.

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