Tuesday, 17 July 2012



Yesterday I was wearing: Velvet and Chiffon dress: Charity shop, Tie dye shirt: Deptford market, Boots: Ebay.

Just a quick post. This was actually yesterday's outfit, I wasn't feeling very creative today or with my clothes at the moment, I just want to throw them all out of the window and start again, and I need to tone my hair again! This dress/top used to have horrible chiffon sleeves which meant I never wore it but after hacking them off I wear it a lot more. Feel quite witchy in this outfit. All it's been doing is rain rain rain which has completely dampened my mood this week. I feel like everything I'm wearing is really autumnal, and although I really want to just wear summery clothes no matter what, sandals don't really suit torrential rain! Annoying.

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