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I thought I'd make a little collage on my New York adventure with my boyfriend! This is pretty much a round up in one place, and there's a few below of my New York buys.

I'm having MAJOR New York blues right now, coupled with my first migraine yesterday (which made me SO SICK, jetlag I HATE YOU) and a lack of motivation or inspiration isn't helping my mood this week. Take me back already!

So basically this was our New York adventure in a nutshell:


It turned out our hotel was round the corner from TIMES SQUARE! West 34th street, which is where you want to stay for a touristy firs time in New York, amazing location. Ate loads of shrimp from Bubbagump (massively touristy but who cares) I purposely choose drinks that came with a flashing glass we could take home, then just wandered around taking it all in,squealing to each other how amazing everything was! Fighting the jetlag we ended up back in the hotel room, crashing out to E! on the TV.


First stop on our day of being British Tourists: The Empire State building-the views were incredible, the whole of New York is beautiful. We then strolled to New York public library, Grand central station, walked down 5th Ave, the whole time being so overwhelmed at how BIG everything was. At this point we had to make a pit stop to buy thermals as it was so cold I literally couldn't walk down the street. We stumbled across an amazing kosher deli for lunch where everyone was so friendly. Late afternoon was spent filming for Nylon, which my friend Blair works for, in my hotel room(I'll let you know when THAT comes out) then it all went downhill with one too many margaritas and shots. Flashbacks include being in a place where the barman was called Muffy, then in Brooklyn drinking chocolate and whiskey drinks in a bar they allowed dogs into, I forget the name. OOPS. I also forgot a lot of that night too...


HAPPY HANGOVER BIRTHDAY TO ME. Dear God. After dragging ourselves out of bed we went for as much AMAZING fried chicken (at Hill country fried chicken) as we could stomach, then (after a quick powernap) headed over (on the subway for the first time!!) to Soho and Broadway to look around the shops in search of a Wildfox birthday present, but had no luck. We went to an amazing BBQ place called Southern Hospitality for dinner, by this point it had started snowing heavily! AMAZING. More cocktails and a very fun time! Got milkshakes from Shake shack for desert which were the most incredible heavenly tasting milkshakes ever. Walked through Times Square again home (I loved it so much).


Williamsburg - vintage shopping. On the subway again! Went to Buffalo exchange, Beacons closet, and Monk, all full of vintage goodness but I didn't buy a single thing unfortunately. We then headed over to Bedford Avenue to Radish  for Mac and cheese and then to Peters since 1969 for that amazing red velvet waffle above! Hopped on the subway back to Broadway and walked all the along Bleecker street to Magnolia bakery, and got SIX cupcakes, I mean you have to, they were incredible (see pics above) We ate one each freezing in the little park opposite and promptly felt sick. We went to Diner in Williamsburg for a meal with a few of our English friends who were in NY for work. The diner food was delicious-definitely go there! Ended up in the Dog bar place again...


Brooklyn flea market! This was amazing- everyone go if you go to new York! In the winter it's in an old bank building, which was big and beautiful, and I wish I'd taken more pictures. Full of great american vintage stalls. I got a furry leopard mini skirt (see pic aboce) a vintage cat book, fluffy ear muffs and some really pretty vintage rings. I nearly bought a new coat but at $165 i thought it was a little bit too expensive for a flea market, and I already have 24357 coats. Wandered around a street called Smith Street in Brooklyn in beautiful sunshine, then tried Dunkin' Donuts, which FYI were disgusting. We then proceeded to get massively lost on the subway on the way to the Natural History Museum so got off early and had a brisk walk through freezing cold Central Park. For dinner we went to 5 napkin burger in Hells kitchen, chicken wings and burger goodness, got a little bit drunk on a bottle of red then had another wander through Times Square back to the hotel, stocking up with enormous amounts american candy on the way!


Eating a cuban breakfast whilst looking out of the window at a snow blizzard at Cafe Habana, in Nolita, feeling surreal and sad. We had a wander around a few shops, including Patricia Field, which by this point I was DESPERATE to buy something, anything with my birthday money, but again, no such luck. Full of treasures though. We took our last ride on the subway to 5th Ave, and proceeded to visit every tacky souvineer shop between there and Hells Kitchen, which I bought a few things, but not enough! Picked up a burger and milkshake from Shack Shack (the most delicious burger ever, any other burger pales in comparison) then headed back to the hotel to get a taxi to the airport to end our American adventure. SOB.

I think that was everything...




  1. sounds like you had an amazing time! I'd love to go there but not sure I could face the long flight :/ love all of your buys, especially the leopard skirt! <3 xxx

  2. omg sooo jealous! haha. it looks amaaazing hope you had lots & lots of fun! x

  3. I can't believe how little you bought haha! BUT that leopard skirt is super cool. This is an awesome post and I will remember it for when I go to NY, I just wanna do touristy things.

    Excited about NYLON, is that for you or Waiste??

    See you Sunday!

    1. Aw thank you,I thought it might have been a bit much-I know how little people actually read on blogs these days!
      It was for me, but talking about Waiste, then dressing up in some outfits, so silly but really fun! YAY see you Sunday! xx

  4. great review about your trip!

  5. Omggggosh, I haven't been to NYC in over 4 years! Sounds like you had an awesome trip, love your pics. Sorry you didn't find any Wildfox!

    The Style Rawr!

  6. i've been living at nyc all my life and i can't believe i still never had time to check out the brooklyn flea. =( I love that leopard skirt you got.

  7. Nyc is just freakin amazing! Love the pics!


  8. I WANT TO GO! man the flea market sounds immense, sounds like you had a lovely time :)


  9. I've ALWAYS wanted to go to New York more than anything! I'm so unbelievably jealous right now - sounds like you had the most amazing time.

    HANNAH †


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