Sunday, 24 February 2013


Images: tumblr

Judging by these babes, I need to get my roots done. I've always liked a bit of root with my hair, however recently I've turned a little root into a lot of root, and as I still want blonde hair it's time to get them done. I always test myself to see how far I can get without bleaching, and it's a great way of measuring har growth, as I HATE getting it bleached for three reasons:

1) It takes forever
2) I'm scared it will fall out everytime
3) The roots never turn out the same colour and it takes a few weeks for me to tone them out.

 But it's time, again. Obsessing over white blonde hair at the moment. And that Abbey Lee Kershaw one is making me want a fringe again! RESIST. It's taken two years to grown mine out.


Thursday, 14 February 2013


(All images from Tumblr.)

Ok, so the last outfit isn't technically white but it's Sky so it doesn't matter. This is my head at the moment. All white outfits. YES PLEASE. I want to float around like a cloud.

I'm on the hunt for the perfect white dress, which I did actually find two years ago, but now the collar has gone YELLOW! (how, why?) so it's back on, and not going well. I'm also hard at work for the next WAISTE collection and OMG I AM SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS ONE. Can't wait to reveal all! But not just yet....

Monday, 11 February 2013


Ribcage vest: Wildfox via ASOS, Skirt: Charity shop but originally Topshop, Tights: M&S (always).

So I've accidentally left the toner on too long, and my hair is now a weird purple colour. It reminds me of a bad version of this Wildfox collection HERE, as in real life mine is quite patchy and not as lilac as that, as I was trying to tone the top to match the bottom but it didn't quite work out right, and the roots are still a weird colour.  I've also had to take to parting my hair on this side, as being my hair is both bleached and fine, it's a little more broken on one side than the other so this is my attempt at hiding it until it grows again! Does any else have this problem? I always use THIS kerastase conditioner, which I swear by, this brought my hair back to life from being a cotton wooly mess without it being hacked off, but after the last time they bleached my hair at the hairdressers I feel as though the condition has deteriorated, hence the roots. I'm too scared to go back now! BEING BLONDE IS HARD WORK!

How cool is the print and colour of this skirt by the way? I got it in a charity shop about five years ago and still love it, I can't remember it ever being in Topshop though, and it has the really old label in so it must be quite old! I'm definitely thinking 90s!

Is anyone else desperate for Spring/Summer now? I'm currently wearing this around the house, as I know if I went out in this I would have to add 134527 layers/scarves/hats and I'm getting fed up with black tights now. Summer please hurry, otherwise I might just have to move country.

I'm being serious.


Saturday, 9 February 2013


For Love and Lemons 'ABOUT A GIRL' SS 13

Photography: Zoey Grossman
Model:Ashley Smith
Styling: Ashley Glorioso, 
Hair: Ashlee rose
Make-up: Samuel Paul

Oh my gosh, where do I start with this For Love and Lemons lookbook ?  I love it all, from the clothes to the model, to the styling, to the model to the location,it's all PERFECT. To be fair, anything Ashley Glorioso does is incredible, I always obsess over the Nasty Gal lookbooks (she's their stylist too don't you know, imagine if you had THAT job wow!) and I've loved her blog for years now. Anything she touches she turns to styling gold. View the whole lookbook HERE.

Looking at this is making me want my summer wardrobe to only consist of pastel/floral/sheer floaty things, white on white tonal outfits, white socks with grungy girly dresses, and white platform sandals with EVERYTHING. And to vaguely look half as cool as this girl does whilst wearing it. Hurry and get sunny, please.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Styled By: NYLON TV

Classic mid sentence screen shot there.

I'm sure everyone who has noticed me banging on about this is a bit sick of it now, but here is a little video I did for Styled by: Nylon TV when I was in New York! I was so nervous to see this as I had no idea how it would turn out, but I think it came out ok. Thank you for all your lovely comments too. I sounded a bit posher than usual though-I blame the nerves!

It has definitely given me a bit confidence to try a v-log now, although I will need to take a crash course in video editing!

Also this happened...Literally screamed!! VERY SURREAL!

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