Sunday, 24 February 2013


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Judging by these babes, I need to get my roots done. I've always liked a bit of root with my hair, however recently I've turned a little root into a lot of root, and as I still want blonde hair it's time to get them done. I always test myself to see how far I can get without bleaching, and it's a great way of measuring har growth, as I HATE getting it bleached for three reasons:

1) It takes forever
2) I'm scared it will fall out everytime
3) The roots never turn out the same colour and it takes a few weeks for me to tone them out.

 But it's time, again. Obsessing over white blonde hair at the moment. And that Abbey Lee Kershaw one is making me want a fringe again! RESIST. It's taken two years to grown mine out.



  1. abbey-lee's hair is amazing and i think you would suit it so much, the messy cut with the fringe looks sick! check out my blog if you have the time, xx

  2. The 6th image is my best but I believe the Abbey Lee one would suit you x

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  3. Aaarghh that's what colour I want! Damn you, nearly black hair... xo

  4. I feel ya with the roots! Having white hair myself I know the pain of bleaching roots, I am currently rocking yellow roots with white ends, taking forever to tone them out!


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