Sunday, 31 March 2013


MinkPink is one of my all time favourite brands. I love this new campaign! All these images do (apart from desperately wish I anything near like Zippora Seven, sigh) is make me want to move to Australia, wear nothing but MinkPink, take up skateboarding, and just run around in the sun and have fun! View the whole thing HERE. This weather is seriously getting me down, all my summer clothes are in hiding under my bed, and it doesn't look like it's going to get warmer any soon. I'm so sick of all my clothes, hence no outfit posts I've given up, and black tights and coats are ruining my life and I just refuse to buy more winter clothing I just can't do it!

Oh on a slightly less moany note, if any of you lovely are around Manchester tomorrow, my new WAISTE collection is going to be in THRIFTETTE! Come in and say hi, have a look at my new collection exclusively before it goes online next weekend, and there's goodybags and free cupcakes. What more could you want?


Saturday, 30 March 2013


I was lucky enough to be invited to the Missguided high summer blogger party last Tuesday by the beautiful Sara from SaraLuxe, and it was my first blogger press event invite, exciting! So amazing to meet her in real life too. What a babe!

If you haven't already have a look at the Missguided SS13 Campaign 'Two Good Bad Girls' HERE, they've really upped their game, the pictures/styling/model choice is incredible! Sara you're super talented! 

Look below who I also met beforehand! The super stylish and super beautiful babe Helena from Bell's Fashion, who I LOVE so much! We also had the best conversation on the way home about thinking cats are really furry humans in disguise (they are!) She also had the most perfect rainbow sandals on EVER, major shoe envy. She is the cutest girl ever!

Below are a few pics I took of the event, it was in the most incredible location EVER, (they filmed The Kings Speech there) and there was a whole rail of tassels, pastels and crochet that was totally made for me. Definitely be needing a lot of Missguided in my wardrobe when summer finally comes!

I was really impressed with all the new designs and the whole evening was so much fun! We got to drink cider and even do a bit of customising (you know I love that HAHA!) take it and a goody bag home, and meet some amazing bloggers! So surreal seeing all the beauties blogs I read in real life!

Coat: Vintage, Dress, shoes and bag: ASOS, Lace leggings: H&M

 Beautiful Helena in the best rainbow shoes in the world.

Amazing printed jeans!
This rail was made for me: Daisies, pastel pink and crochet heaven!

Amazing campaign image, love Grace Small!
How good is the location?
The cute shorts I customised and got to take home!

Helena by the wall where they filmed The Kings Speech, I'm sure thats the sofa...?

Cutest white lace dress-I need this!
Helena posing on a chair
Me on the chair-it was actually made of wire and really hurt! Don't think you were meant to sit on it...

I had such a lovely time, thank you for having me!

Friday, 15 March 2013


Dress: Minkpink (old) Velvet shirt: Charity shop, Shoes: Underground, Floral Crown c/o: Rock n Rose.

I'm so tired I can't even think of anything witty to say here. It's cold, I'm working two jobs at the moment and I'm running on empty. I can't wait until April when I can concentrate on WAISTE full time. There's so many good things happening with it and I can't wait to tell you all! But at the moment it is becoming really tough working a 9-5.30 3 days a week then up until 1am every night working on WAISTE. But I doing WAISTE so much (dream job) so I don't mind.

Apparently GFC is shutting down so why not take a moment to follow me on Bloglovin' instead?
And thank you all so much for your lovely comments all the time, they really make my day, I'm scheduling in some blog reading this weekend. Who needs sleep anyway?


Monday, 4 March 2013


  Floral headband: c/o Rock 'n Rose, Top: Minkpink (old), Shorts: Charity shop PJ bottoms, Crochet blanket: Carboot.

This crochet blanket is SO WARM it's what I've been wrapping up in recently, I almost turned it into a coat type thing the other day but I would miss it keeping me warm in my bed too much! I've been lusting after a floral crown for a while now, yes yes I know I'm so late in the game, this was started by my bizarre massive obsession with Lana Del Rey which developed late last year after dismissing her earlier in the year. (Lana I love you please forgive me, and you're my ultimate WAISTE babe, I WILL get a jacket or a pair of dungarees on you) Now I have a crown! It's perfect! I thought this was the perfect outfit to compliment it. I don't wear this mink pink top enough (as on a bad day I feel a bit David Bowie in Labyrinth in it, on a good Stevie Nicks crossed with Almost Famous) and it is quite hard to style, but I do love it with my paisley shorts. These were old actually pyjama bottoms from the charity shop, such a good find! Take me to a festival in the sun, now please. 

In other news, I shot my new lookbook for WAISTE yesterday! The whole thing turned out better than I could have dreamed and I can't wait to show you all! Exhausted now, and need a good blog and sleep catch up. 
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