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Yesterday a really big deal (for me) happened, I realised my hair has finally reached boob length after years of growing it. For a girl who has bleached/broken/ruined/chopped off her hair ever since I discovered that lethal bottle sun-in when I was 12, this is a lifetime achievement. Ok, maybe that's a bit dramatic but my whole life all I've ever wanted is long all one length blonde hair. I just wanted to be a long haired boho princess. Or like the popular girls at school. Unfortunately when I was younger it seemed every time it got even a little bit close to being long, I would get it all cut off because I was bored, which would never suit me. And the less said about the time I got that asymmetric bob the better. Or that free Toni and Guy mullet. I was considering posting a few hair history photos on here, but I can't they're too embarrassing.

  Throughout high school my hair was usually collar length, being as I went to catholic school, if it was any longer I would have to wear it up. I hated my ears so much (I got bullied about them by mean girls) that long hair could never be an option for me.

As I got older, I gradually tried to get blonder and blonder by myself, and we all know what happens when you home bleach. Candyfloss hair, and a lot of breakage. Then came the extensions to hide it, more breakage. I would brush my hair and it would fall off into my hands. I'd touch it and it would fall out. Then the dying brown, crying, bleaching again, orange, yellow, more breakage. It got so ruined it got cut so short at one point I cried for days, I lost so much confidence a few years ago because of my hair I hardly left the house, and refused to have any pictures taken of me, but it was all my fault, but I couldn't leave my hair alone even though I knew I was always making it worse, I never listened to the voice in my head telling me to stop. It was ruined.

So as I've got wiser (or just learnt hard lessons from my many hair mistakes) I've learned to look after my hair, there is no 'quick fix', or miracle hair growth, it's just a healthy diet and always remember to invest in good hair care products. And a little argan or Moroccan oil goes a long way. My hair is quite fine so it needs lots of looking after, which is why I'm not bleaching it for a while now, or even again, I've completely embraced my roots. That's another big step for me after years of feeling ugly and boring if I wasn't as blonde as possible. It was a vicious cycle.

So this post is for when I need a little encouragement to keep on growing to get where I want it to's still not perfect, there's still breakage but it's kind of, finally getting there....


(All images taken from tumblr)

And.....another one of MKA...just because they both look so perfect here. The ultimate inspiration.

   Has anyone else has felt this way about their hair/had any hair horrors like me? x


  1. My hair is the longest it's ever been, but it's still not long enough! :(
    Grow hair grow!

  2. i bleached the shit out of my hair last year and its still not recovered even though i had most of it cut off! being naturally brunette is evil, but oh well, i'll have to settle for long brown hair instead!
    Love the olsen twins and their hair so much they're stunning ahhh

  3. Ohhhh gosh yes. My hair's been all colours under the sun, and styles too! The longest it's been was in February 2011, I'll dig a photo out for you, but then I went on holiday and failed to look after it properly and it all got chopped off.

    I'm slowly growing mine too, I found that sea kelp tablets did help but I forgot to take them 3 x a day. I'm using the Lee Stafford hair growth products, but less because I think they'll make my hair grow, more to keep the hair I already have, but I do think his products are really good at what they say they're going to do.

    Congratulations on your boob hair anyway, so pleased for you! And yeah MK is forever a hairspo, I remember 2004-06 taking a picture of her to the hairdressers to say "I want this colour" but never got what I wanted!

    1. Here you go, my longest adult hair!

  4. I cut all my hair off when I was 12 and have regretted it ever since due to dying it it hasnt reached boob length and im 18! I found that getting my hair cut every 6 weeks wasn't working for me over the past year it's probably grown about four inches and thats without dying it or getting it cut. I'm finally on track to long hair again!

  5. I wish I wish the third twin to Mary-Kate and Ashley :( This post has made me want long mermaid hair, thank you for the inspiration haha!
    H x

  6. Wishing my hair would hurry up and grow now!

  7. Hey gurl just found you off instagram, love your blog!

    Long hair ahhhh I think every girl at some point aims for long hair and I'll tell you know I know that long hard road of getting there.
    For some reason everyday of one 6 week holidays in 9th grade I straightened my hair and by the end of that holiday it was dead.
    I docked it really short and put away the straightener and stopped getting blonde highlights for at least a year. I gradually made many trips to a really good hairdresser and she looked after it and that's how I am able to have it blonde and healthy.
    There is hope! How amazing is mary kate and ashley's hair however, great inspiration!

  8. Good morning ladies! Here's how to use D&V Hairpieces hair extensions. Have long and thick hair in minutes and know how here:

  9. My hair is getting there. It is currently mid-boob, as soon as it is under-boob I will be the happiest girl alive. MKA both need to be my girlfriends x

    Underneath The Lights

  10. I've definitely had home bleaching horror stories. My hair was collar bone length, and colored black. Last summer I decided I wanted to go platinum. As impatient as I am, I couldn't wait, and ended up getting platinum, but my hair began breaking off above my ears. Like a month later I realized I hated the blonde, and when I tried to color it, my hair was so fried it wouldn't hold any colour. After which came the shortest haircut I've ever had in my life... Mine is barely at chin length now, and I just want it back to my collar bones already!!!


  11. I remember when I first started straightening my hair at about 12 years old, I got asked if I wore extensions because it was so long! It was the perfect length (although quite frizzy thanks to me being mixed race) then as I straightened and relaxed it more it got shorter. Then for some reason I will never comprehend I cut it into a bob and I've been trying to grow it out for the last 3/4 years only now is it growing and we're getting on again haha. Congrats on growing your hair and good luck toward the perfect mermaid hair!

    Little Black Russian


  12. Hot photos !

  13. Oh wowwww Mary-Kate and Ashley actually have the most perfect hair:(
    I'd kill for naturally long hair, I love this post!


  14. I´ve just discovered your blog though a Spanish friend of mine and i must say your style is stunning! personal and unique!
    Glad to meet you!
    my little suede shoes

  15. I have the BIGGEST girl crush on Vanessa Hudgens' hair/clothes/life in general right now! Ahh I love long wavy slightly-unwashed hippy hair, it's so gorgeous!

    And I'm so ashamed to say that this is the first time I've actually come across your blog Sara, I'm literally obsessed with your style everywhere else and I've just read like all of your posts and UGH you are too perfect girrrl! xx

    dozen dresses

  16. wow perfect photos!!!good luck with the hair!

  17. These are gorgeous! I love the Olsen sisters style, and all the festival ones xo

  18. Congratulations at getting to noon length hair- I'm so jealous jealous just going to have to badly Photoshop my face into your head and pretend it's mine ;) I was like you my mum cut off my hair when I was 6 as she was tired of struggling with it (I had a white girl afro) and I was constantly bored so it never grew past my chin until recently.
    I wish I coukd see some if your hair fails

  19. YES
    i reached boob lenght hair a few months ago and i was so happy and satisfied with it that i couldn´t believe it. like you, all my life i´ve had mid long hair. however, the more long it is, the less curly (and i love curly hair), so a month ago i decided to cut it a little, just the upper part of it so it gets volume. two days after i got it cut i knew i had made a mistake. i regret it so much now that i feel awful when i see old pictures (that are not that old, just a month old, but it feels like years)
    so keep your hair girl, don´t let any crazy idea of a cool perm destroy your hair or think that that chick who models for nasty gal looks so cool with sort hair maybe i could get it too... (those are the things that make me do stupid things to my hair) your hair is beautiful and close to a mary kate level of perfection

  20. Yay to boob hair! That doesn't sound right... I've totally embraced my roots recently too in an effort to get mermaid hair and stop destroying it with bleach, but it just doesn't seem to grew past collar bone length! It's very upsetting. Congrats again! :)

  21. I think you would look awesome with really long hair! I need to trim mine but i feel too attached to it lol. I do love long hair though its awesome! I think the length yours is the now is gorgeous aswell!

    Hayley xx


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