Saturday, 23 November 2013

It's kind of like the 90s meeting the 60s...

Tartan two-piece: c/o Loving Youth
Gilet: Vintage
Sheer Shirt: Vintage
Boots: Charity Shop
Necklaces: Waiste
Hat: Vintage

Oh hi blogging I've missed you! Sorry for for the silence, in my defence this week I've been so busy with my shop that I've barely had time to get dressed let alone find the time to take any outfit posts. But I'm hopefully going to get back on track with this blogging thing next week, because not doing it for a week has made me realise how much I do love and miss it! I've been incredibly lucky with all the opportunities blogging has brought me this year alone, and I'm not about to let anyone down with it! 

Even if I may have to start taking indoor pictures as it's so cold! (Yes I know I have no tights on here, I did end up in them after these were taken, damn you cold weather) I also admit my recent lull has been due to the fact that black tights are ruining all my outfits. I hate them and I hate having to wear them, it's really knocking my confidence in my dressing at the moment. 

How amazingly awesome is this little tartan two-piece though, I've been dying to wear it for ages. I know I could have gone all Cher Horowitz with it, but I thought I'd put my own style spin on it instead. And my first time wearing tartan this year too! Loving Youth have an amazing ASOS market place shop HERE which is  basically tartan heaven.



  1. absolutely love this and your style!


  2. The two best decades in one. This is SO PERFECT xo

  3. LOVE the way you've styled this with the sheer shirt underneath! So unique


  4. ahh, love this outfit, such a fun mix. your hair looks so lovely, those tiny braids are so sweet x

  5. looking awesome girl ;) Those boots are hot!

    Hayley xx

  6. You look like Cher! I love the two piece. Yay for being busy, glad it's all going so well for you. :)

    Tara xo

  7. I love your style and the place where you take your pictures !

  8. Love the two piece with the blouse!
    And I want your hat.


  9. Love this! That hat is awesome and the two-piece is way cool!

  10. You my darling are perfect! Really no words! <3

  11. Every time you wear those boots I drool over them. So jealous!

    Gorgeous look. Like Clueless meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

    Katie <3

  12. I love how you styled this, you look great! I have the same problem with tights too - it stresses me out!
    - Charlotte

  13. Girl you look amazing! Love the knee high boots! I recently got some that I adore ! xx


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