Monday, 16 December 2013

Velvet and Tassels

Velvet Maxi: Charity shop then DIYed
Boots: Ash
Belt: Vintage

I'm in love with this dress. I've had it in the wardrobe for about a year and never worn it, there was always something 'not quite right' about the way it looked and I could never put my finger on what it was. However, the other day I had a total brainwave to add the front splits ala THIS perfect for Love and Lemons dress I've been lusting after (but too pricey), and now it's one is my new fave. 

I treated myself to these beautiful black suede boots from Ash via UO  with a cheeky discount code a few weeks ago as an early Christmas present and they haven't left my feet since. They're the perfect little everyday boot and they go with everything. And of course had to keep this beautiful shawl I found when vintage handpicking for my store the other week, I've been hunting for the perfect oversized crochet tassle cardigan (which doesn't seem to exist) and this is the perfect substitute.


  1. you are purse n' boots british reincarnation! beautfiul, bohemian perfection! xxxxxx

  2. I love the dress !

  3. really loving these indoor shots at the moment! beaut as always x

  4. Where did you get that dress from i love it

  5. Love the shawl x

  6. The splits are absolutely perfect! Final touch needed! Love it with the shawl. Love your inside pictures too! Work itx

  7. omg amazing! that dress was made for you! ;) Especially now you added the slits, its gorgeous. Ive also just invested in an "early christmas present" :P has to be done dosent it?

    Hayley xx

  8. You look amazing, the side split is perfect

  9. Your outfit is awesome, I love the dress ♡

  10. Love this! Very Pocahontas!

    Katie <3

  11. you beauty! The dress is perfect! So are you!

  12. that dress looks AMAZNG on you! velvet is so sexy! beautiful outfit, as usual. happy holidays, doll!

  13. This outfit is so perfect Sara! <3
    I love the slits you've added! I wish I didn't have uni and actually had time to go charity shopping haha!



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