Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Dream Job

The most perfect Free People cream maxi dress ever. (Online exclusive too!)

These are some of my FAVEEE outfits and products that I've modelled so far
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If you've been browsing the Urban Outfitters UK website recently, you might have noticed a vaguely familiar face on the new in section recently...it's me! Way back in summer I was asked by my friend Holly to come in for a casting, and to be honest I didn't give it much thought after that. But in December I had my very first trial half day, and I've been in a few times since then! I was so nervous when I went, and I'm still double taking when I look at any of the images now, it's very surreal. 

 A massive thank you to my fairy godmother Holly for giving me a chance. To get the chance to do something like this really is a dream come true for me, getting styled up in the brands I love for one of my favourite websites, nearly every piece on the website I would want in my own wardrobe, I just want to take it all home! 

Urbans amazing stylist Gemma is spot on every time putting together outfits exactly how I would wear it too. All of the studio team are awesome, it's such a great vibe and every time I've gone I've had so much fun, it doesn't feel like a job at all! After working in e-commerce for four and a half years it does take some getting used to being in front of the camera rather than behind it though! I just feel incredibly lucky to have the chance to do something like this, never in my wildest dreams when I started modelled for my own site, would I be saying that one day I would be modelling for Urban Outfitters! Literally keep having to pinch myself.

PS: Have a read of the interview I did with Urban at the studios over...HERE, and keep a look out for me on the homepage soon too!

Photographer: Joe Hunt, Styling: Gemma Hyslop, Hair: James Langan, Make Up: Harry-she has an amazing makeup tutorial youtube channel, have a peek here!


  1. yaaay sara! soo proud! you look bloody gorgeous girl!


  2. This is amazing Sara! Well done, you look gorgeous!!

    Lucy xx

  3. YOU LOOK SO BEAUTIFUL!! The top kimono picture is my favourite, to a point where I want to go and buy every item you have on in a bid to try and be half as gorge as you!!
    So chuffed for you because it is such a fantastic achievment!!

    Love Becca xxx

  4. I feel like a proud parent every time I see you on the site haha, congrats again and it's so well deserved - you're the dream UO girl! x

  5. This is so amazing!! Congrats! That last dress is like heaven


  6. My favorite blogger modeling my favorite brands! Congrats! You look AMAZING!

  7. The images turned out fantastic! The looks are amazing!


  8. OMG Your hair is amazing!

    Love it


  9. I spotted you on UO the other day, you look amazing! Your hair looks super gorgeous too :) High five on your modelling debut! xx

    Eleri Roberts

  10. wow this is amazing!
    I love the kimono tee so much!


  11. Oh my god what a dream! you look incredible, you babe! xo

  12. You look amazing girl! Well deserved! I'm heading over to UO now to have a nose! :) xx

  13. you look stunning and the outfits are great!



  14. Wow thats amazing! Congrats :)

  15. incredible! you look amazing xxx

  16. Wow, congrats!! That is so awesome, you totally deserve it (:

  17. Amazing, congratulations and you look fantastic!!
    I am soooo in love with the Thailand dress :o wish I had a spare hundred quid!
    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  18. So nice pictures. I'm in love with all of them ! Very well done.

  19. I love these photos so much, every outfit is so you! x


  20. These photos are gorgeous Sara! Looking forward to reading the interview now :)
    Ashleigh x www.beingashleigh.com

  21. You look amazing in these photos! i love that kimono t-shirt :)


  22. I'm so proud of you! Do you remember about 6 months ago I asked if you'll still remember me when you're mega famous? That still stands, don't forget meeeeee! You look beautiful and are the perfect fit for UO. I'm more tempted to buy the clothes you wear after seeing how they fall on you. You're living the dream, getting to play dress up with all our fave brands haha. <3

    Tara xo

  23. I think you look great! I am in love with the picture of you in the kimono. The whole outfit & hairstyle is gorgeous! Oh & your hair at the moment looks great! I so wish I had carried on growing my blonde out, instead of getting impatient & dying it dark again. :(

    Oui Je T'aime Aussi

  24. Amazing! You could and should totally be a model Hun...would make me want to buy their clothes anyway and thaose legs! Xxx congrats xx


  25. congrats on your opportunity! you are the perfect lady to show off these pieces.

  26. Hi there! :)
    We run a blogspot for Tigerlily Taylor. Her modeling pics of Urban Outfitters clothes are posted together along yours and other models' at their website, and we would like to know if the sae team of photographer/stylist/MUA etc. that did you, did also her.
    Thanks so much xoxo


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