Monday, 10 February 2014

'Gypsy Rose' Make Up Tutorial by Harry Makes it Up

The other week I modelled for my make-up artist friend Harry (who also blogs HERE) for her 'Gypsy Rose' make up tutorial for her youtube channel. (Have a peek HERE) It was such a fun thing to do and a totally different experience, as I'm not a you tuber and have never made a video before and I got some great tips for new makeup ideas too. As I'm pretty sure I've had the same make-up look since I was about 18...

My friend and hairstylist James Langan did my hair for the video and we'll hopefully be doing a braid tutorial one soon too! He also took some behind the scenes shots for me below.



  1. Love this, love the way harry has done you make up. Some great advice xo

  2. Love it! So Cool! Love your braided hair too! Gorgeous! xx

  3. Wow such a cool blog post !

  4. Oooh what a different post from your usual! Just shows how versatile you are. Lovely post and gorgeous makeup!

    Katie <3

  5. So so gorgeous, also love the new layout x

  6. Loving the behind the scenes, looks like you guys had fun! :) LPB xo

  7. I really love the look! x Anna


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