Monday, 24 March 2014

Loving Youth

Two Piece: Loving Youth*
Bag and Belt: Vintage
Crochet Cardigan: Waiste Vintage
Boots: Ash*
Necklaces: Texas (presents from Dan)

I was sent this awesome 1970's style printed two-piece by the babes over at Loving Youth a few weeks ago and it's finally sunny enough for me to wear it. Well, kind of, it wasn't that warm but I was too impatient. This is such a great little set as not only is it so ME, you can either with it together or separately, which means double the outfit choices. In summer the little halter neck top is going to look great with a printed maxi skirt, and the skirt with a white gypsy top.

I was naughty and kept this awesome crochet cardigan I found when handpicking vintage for Waiste, but I found some other awesome crochet recently that will be online soon. I'm finding it so hard to part with everything at the moment, which is a good thing I guess! And seriously how awesome as these vintage necklaces Dan brought me back from SXSW? He knows me so well!

Have a look at the new Waiste home section HERE

I've been really busy with the team launching the homeware section for Waiste over the past few weeks, but I'm putting in some quality blogging time this week to make up for it.



  1. Nice outfit !

  2. That cardigan is amazing I would have kept it too! love all the home bits on the waiste site its like a perfect Moroccan punk dream. lotta love xx

  3. I love all the patterns! Your boots are gorgeous too xo

  4. Gorgeous outfit, you look amazing

  5. Dribbling over that amazing two piece and cardigan! Couldn't love your style any more
    T x

  6. Love a good two piece x

  7. This outfit is incredible! I do love a good two piece, just wish I was brave enough to wear one!


  8. really love your colorful coat,it looks so awesome!!!
    full of stylish and you do a good job in matching clothe!!!
    have a beauty day,my dear
    keep in touch

  9. also,love the moon tattoo in your left hand
    so nice


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