Wednesday, 5 March 2014


Coat and Jumper: MinkPink
Scarf: from a tiny shop on Church Street
Beanie: American Apparel

All photos taken by Frances Emma Baker

A slightly different post of sorts, obviously this is not an outfit post (I'm wearing a beanie and borrowed walking boots, definitely not out of choice!) I had to wear the beanie because it was so cold and I thought ear muffs might look silly. Please note everyone else's attire in the last photo below to see where I'm coming from, no the most appropriate mountaineering outfit really. I have no walking/outdoor clothing whatsoever, so when Ciara suggested we walk up Snowdon for her and her twins birthday with all our best friends a couple of weeks ago I was a little scared. Needless to say I didn't really walk it, the conditions were bad enough for the best walker, so me and Fran decided to kind of do a mini photoshoot on the way back down as the scenery was breathtaking, if not a little eerie too. It just made you feel so alive. And to get out of London and be within the heart of the countryside in the fresh air away from all the ridiculous trivial drama and stress that's been happening recently was a welcome relief.  

One of the best (which started off as the worst) things about the weekend was that there was absolutely no signal or internet the entire time. After having a slight panic about my store and how anyone would contact me if something had happened at home, it was probably the most refreshing things to spend a weekend without a phone glued to my hand. It meant I could actually enjoy the moment, spent with my best friends in the whole world like nothing had changed since we were 11, and it was amazing. More weekends like that are definitely needed. Maybe with less hiking.

Favourite girls in the world.


  1. I really love the pictures and the outfit !
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  2. You look so cute! Love the coat and the mittens!

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog

  3. Cool photos!

  4. I think is so relaxing having no phone for a few days, love your outfit x

  5. Beautiful! x

  6. Snowdon is lovely, and that coat is also! :D x


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