Sunday, 6 April 2014

Ash SS14 Collection x Sara Waiste

Screen shots from the Ash Footwear Collaboration Video

Sometimes all you really need, is to dance your problems away. A few weeks ago, I shot a video for Ash footwear in which I twirled around in their new collection shoes and it felt really good.

I remember I'd been having a pretty low week that week, quite a few things had been going wrong and when I arrived at the Ash offices, I was feeling quite self conscious about dancing in front of strangers, even if they were the other side of the room. Fifteen minutes later and I couldn't care less. It was just what I needed. If you're feeling a little sad, all you need to do every so often is to put on your favourite outfit, your favourite song and let it all go. 

Have a look at the new Ash footwear collection here, and the video below or here.



  1. Love your pictures !

  2. you look absolutely stunning! this is amazing, i would have felt the same as you and been really self-conscious, but you don't look uncomfortable at all!! x

  3. i love your style and how you make every piece you wear, look so unique!

    charlotte x

  4. Such a cute video! I love ash all of those shoes are too cute!

  5. I need these shoes in my life!!! xx

  6. i would've felt the same but you don't look nervous at all, you look amazing!
    s x
    Studs On Saturday

  7. I just loved the video you're so pretty :') I love ASH especially the cool high-top wedges would love to own some boots in the future <3

  8. Omgosh, you look so beautiful Sara! Those Titan boots are my DREAM shoes.

    Tara x


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