Sunday, 11 May 2014


Eagle T-shirt: Bandit Brand*
Fringe Jacket: Missguided*
Maxi Skirt: Pepe Jeans via ASOS Sale
Fedora: ASOS
Necklace: Gift
Boots: Ash*

This is the last time you'll be seeing the London skyline background now that I've moved flat. Currently scoping out lots more fun locations, we're right next to a park and lots of leafy pretty streets so I'm having lots of luck, but I'll miss this one. These were taking a couple of weeks ago, but I've been living in these awesome Bandit Brand muscle tees I got sent a couple of weeks ago, super comfy and super awesome, as is this buttery soft Missguided jacket. If you've not heard of Bandit make sure to check them out, they make the best America Vintage style tees. When can I move? Seriously.

I'm excited to get back into blogging again after my flat move back here in London though-there's still a lot to do (mainly I just wanna go out and buy loads of home stuff) Not that I was in any way your 'stereotypical blogger' anyway, I just like making pretty images and styling outfits my way.

In other news, there's going to be so many exciting things coming up on the blog soon, if you follow me on insta (@sara_waiste, if not why not? haha) you'll see I went for a meeting with Free People earlier in the week, for a very,very,incredibly exciting project coming soon.

Seriously, I was dying, like OMG FREE PEOPLE THIS IS SUCH A MASSIVE DEAL FOR ME/EVER! (Sorry I thought the caps locks would convey my excitement better) I'm not one to get all mushy, but I do just feel incredibly lucky that doing what I've been doing (both with blogging and my brand) has allowed me some really, really incredible opportunities, especially recently, and things I never thought possible and I'm so grateful. And so thank you all so much for all the support and reading/following/paying any sort of attention to my rambles and pictures.


  1. Can't wait to see the Free People project- you totally deserve the opportunity :) :) you look awesome

  2. This look is just dreamy! Congrats on the free people project!!! xo

  3. A meeting with Free People? WAHHH! You're living the dream.

    That fringed jacket is an absolute beaut! <3

    Tara x

  4. Gorgeous! I am so obsessed with that jacket, it's perfect xo

  5. So in love with the look, especially the skirt and jacket !

  6. queen.

  7. Incredible as always! In love with the jacket!

  8. This photos look like free people campaing! Love the hat you look great :)

  9. Fantastic outfit! the skirt is sooo beautiful!
    <3 mishmsxo

  10. That jacket is absolute perfection. You look amazing Sara!! xxx

    Sarah Nunn | UK Style Blog


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