Friday, 30 May 2014

Say my Name

Name Necklace: One Necklace*
Dress: Vintage and reworked by me
Other necklaces: Vintage
Boots: ASOS

I've always loved name necklaces, I remember buying my first one, influenced by the original name necklace girl Miss Carrie Bradshaw with a dainty little gold number. After that broke (it was from Argos when I was about 16 so it was bound to happen) my nana then gave me a beautiful silver version for Christmas a few years ago, which I still treasure to this day. So when One Necklace offered to send me a name necklace I decided to go with this unusual stamp one, which I've never seen before, and it now rarely leaves my neck. It's beautifully made from sterling silver and although the chain looks dainty it's actually super strong. Yes I even sleep in it sometimes when I'm feeling especially lazy, and it's silver plated. You can even adjust the chain size/style too. I love layering it with all my other jewellery, and I've received so many compliments on it too.

I'll let you into a little secret, my name is actually officially spelt Sarah with a h, it still is on my birth certificate and passport, but I dropped the h when I was 11 and started secondary school just to make it look more interesting. I was so annoyed my parents gave me such an ordinary name. I used to research different ways of spelling it to make it look more interesting, I'd write it a different way each week, but then Sara stuck. Still not that interesting but I did feel kinda bad on my parents for wanting to completely change my name. This was also around the time I decided to start talking in an american accent for the summer, but the less said about that the better.


  1. Lovely necklace, and that dress is amazing too!

    Glad to hear someone else went through the name phase too - I remember making a list of all possible names that could come from my first or middle names, and spent ages trying to decide on my favourite before eventually settling with my original birth certificate name of Evie! xx

  2. Love the outfit and pictures so much !
    Giveaway, get the bronze queen look

  3. I love that name necklace, it's so different! Your dress is beautiful too!

  4. Absolutely in love with this outfit and these images <3


  5. so sublime! love these photos!

  6. Such a pretty frock and a sweet little necklace! I love that you dropped the H from your name, you're such a rockstar. ;)

    Tara x

  7. this is so gorgeous I love your dress!

  8. amazing! the dress suits you perfectly!

  9. Really lovely dress. I want your hat!
    Also your name necklace is really cute.


  10. Such gorgeous photos! Love this outfit <3 xo

  11. awww awww so cute that dress!

  12. Such a gorgeous dress! And your tattoos look so ace too, your style is killer.

  13. You look gorgeous in that dress!!

    Mind > Matter


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