Sunday, 29 June 2014

Cyrpus: Part Two

All bikinis apart from zig zag: Urban Outfitters

Visiting the sea caves and the shipwreck

Casually taking pictures in carparks in our hire jeep.

 Somedays Lovin playsuit again, cause I didn't bring enough tiny outfits and it looked good with this headband.

Dress: Somedays Lovin
Bag: Vintage

Getting extra upset looking at these photos as I am still literally in holiday blues mode.  My tan is also fading fast, please stop hiding sunshine. Rain rain go away.

I loved the fact we hired a barbie style jeep for a couple of days to view the island a bit better. That thing was literally about to fall to pieces though, all part of the fun! we found some hidden beaches, Aphrodites rock and bath, hidden coves and sea caves, a shipwreck, performed a brilliant emergency stop in the middle of the road when a giant wasp flew up my shorts. As well as the copious amounts of free shots/drinks/'champagne', the laughs, the giggles, dirty dancing, karaoke, dancing on the bar, pool parties, making friends with all the locals, can I go back now please?


  1. Oh man, those photos, I'm getting holiday blues looking at these beaut places!
    Ellie xx

  2. Each outfit is so gorgeous ! Love your style so much !

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  3. Looks like you had an amazing time! Love your last white dress.


  4. I love the snap of y'all in the car and the last outfit - eeeep! That dress.

    Tara xo

  5. ahh I love these photos. seriously looks like the ultimate girls trip away! I love the little jeep too, looked like such fun!


  6. these photos are making me so jealous to be stuck in england!
    tanya x

  7. omg i love those bikinis! They are beautiful :O Loving your dresses as well

    Hayley xx

  8. These photos are awesome! I love the jeep. Always wanted to hire something like that. It must have been so much fun!

    Katie <3


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