Monday, 2 June 2014


Leah Hoffmans beautiful loft via from Moon to Moon (I love her and her loft so much, dream home)

Ms Tungstens home via from Moon to Moon

All other images taken from tumblr/pinterest/source unknown/I'm really bad at saving sources I'm really sorry

I don't really share a lot on here, or on the internet, or even in real life to be honest, but recently I've decided to give it a go being a bit more open. So I want to start using this blog as more of a visual/online diary-kinda-something along those lines kinda thing. I basically wanted to try and develop my blog a bit more, instead of just the odd outfit post when I have time, and let you see more of my daily life/inspirations etc, etc if you're interested? I've probably over shared on the pictures in this post but never mind.

Anyway, I thought a little home inspiration would be a good place to start. As you may or may not already know, I've recently moved flat, me and my boyfriend (and fluffy baby) decided to move in together just us three, and although it's one the best-and most expensive decisions I've made, our pretty little new, slightly cold East London flat comes complete with upstairs bathroom, a real working fireplace and a garden. Pretty fancy in terms of what I've lived in before, trust me.

Although we are still only renting so we can't go crazy in terms of decorating, after moving NINE TIMES since moving to London 6 years ago (bad boyfriends, bad flatmates, bad flats, bad landlords) I've actually been excited to finally have a flat full of English charm that we can call a home, as we hopefully want to stay here for a while, and have been endlessly filling my pinterest board, and now my blog full of boho home inspiration, and I've currently been obsessing over the bohemian dream home blog From Moon to Moon, and I blame both of these completely for my impatience in wanting to create my bohemian dream flat right now.

Above images taken from Waiste Homeware

 I'm kinda struggling to find what I want to decorate the flat with in terms of vintage furniture. I'm currently obsessing over every single home on this Buzzfeed article, and the above images pretty much some up what I want my home to look like, but I can't find the furniture! I love finding home decorations and trinkets (erm hello Waiste Home) and I've found some crazy amazing car boot finds yesterday, including two vintage suitcases and a globe which is also a drinks holder, I mean who doesn't want one of those? I'm just finding it difficult to find any decent vintage furniture that I like. Yes I know it's only been a month and it will take time, it is getting there, just really slowly. I literally have no patience.

Carboot goodies and my living room so far 

PS: I promise as soon as I get my flat sorted I'll do a post on it too. For now follow me on instagram if you want to see peeks of it @sara_waiste


  1. omg i am obsessed with this post! I am going to be referring back to this when i do up my new place!
    can't believe the good stuff you got at carboot! your living room if gorgeous!

  2. Would absolutely LOVE it if my house looked like this, inspired big time!! :D

  3. i absolutely love these rooms! really cosy and earthy feeling, love all the little trinkets in your living room :) xo

  4. Love the pictures, this home decor is gorgeous !
    Giveaway, get the bronze queen look

  5. you see now for me that's way too much dusting and the candles to much if a fire hazard but the Indian room looks amazing so much natural light and I love the plants but I would never have any because I get worried about having spiders in the house lol I know I sound crazy right x

  6. Gosh, so many of those images are so beautiful, I'd take parts from all of them. Also, HOW did you get your hands on that globe?! So jealous I'd love one! Your living room is looking lovely, I'm sure it wont take you long to get there!

    Katie <3


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