Thursday, 3 July 2014

Hidden Treasure in Unexpected Places

Crochet Dress and Necklaces:Vintage
Cuffs: Shop Dixi (coming soon to Waiste Vintage)
Sandals: River Island via ASOS (sold out now)

Photos: Frances Baker

I'm in two minds whether or not to keep this incredible piece. I'm hopelessly addicted to the thrill of discovering treasure in all sorts of unexpected places, and this was one of those finds. Good crochet pieces are getting harder and harder to discover, and it always has to be vintage for me. Although the best place to debut this dream dress probably wasn't in 30 degree heat on a beach, it is wool after all.



  1. This outfit is amazing! I love the photos too ! Such a nice blog post !

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  2. These shots are simply stunning - kudos to Frances and of course, your beautiful self! xx

  3. very beautiful! and the photos are perfect :)

  4. That dress is perfect!! The beach goes fantastically with the whole look as well! :) xx

  5. That dress is a beaut! Love how You styled this jem x

  6. That dress is gorgeous!

  7. I actually love this outfit! that dress & those necklaces are beaut! x

  8. beautiful photos :)
    tanya x

  9. What a wonderful outfit... that dress is AMAZING!!
    The necklaces are also very beautiful but wow.. that dress :D


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