Thursday, 28 August 2014

✥ Lilac and Layers ✥

Top and Jacket: Vintage
Skirt: Waiste Vintage (on sale now)
Faux Sheepskin Waistcoat: H&M via Ebay
Boots: Asos
Necklaces: Waiste Vintage and gift
S Ring: One Necklace*

Layer layer layer. One of the great perks of owning a vintage website is being able to ahem 'borrow' the stock for photoshoots sometimes, like this skirt, as long as I return it of course. It was maybe a little too warm for the waistcoat I admit but I've wanted it for ages after trying it on and not buying in H&M and regretting it last year, so I put a silly bid in ebay to make sure I got it.

Even though it's August I want to wear it with everything. But the trick with layering is, don't over layer. How many times can I say the word layer in one paragraph? 6 that's how many.



  1. i love to layer, espacially in months like september/october. you never now how the weather is going to be.
    your outfit makes me want to get a faux sheepskin gilet..

  2. i absolutely love this look!

    charlotte x

  3. I am so loving this look !


  4. you look amazing!! who wouldve thought sheepskin and boho prints would work so well together?!

  5. hippie goddess!

  6. !! i have a sheepskin like that and i never really knew how to layer it and this is perfect! thanks for the inspiration, sara! x


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