Monday, 11 August 2014

✭ Somethin Somethin ✭

Dress: For Love and Lemons via Somethin Somethin*
Coin Necklace: Hunter via Somethin Somethin*
Kimono: Army of She*
Long Necklaces: Waiste Vintage

Seriously love this dress, I'm so into midi and maxi anything at the moment, and anything floaty, white or cream the better, so when I unwrapped the package the lovely Danielle sent me from her boutique Somethin Somethin, I fell in love straight away. I've been speaking to her over email and even though she's the other side of the world (Australia, sigh) it's like she read my mind, not only is it a perfect dress, it's by one of my favourite brands too. Dreamy.

I also recently modelled for my friend Roxy's beautiful new kimono brand Army of She too, and got to keep my favourite kimono, this perfect silk peacock number. I've wanted one like this for ages, they go perfectly with maxi dresses too, but I've been wearing it with everything.

I thought I'd give you another little peek inside my flat with this outfit post, as I know I haven't really been regularly blogging recently, my job and life massively getting in the way as usual. I also find it so difficult to write text to go with a post, I have to be in the right mood or i seem to really struggle.

It is coming together more and more now, just need to sort out the sofa/lampshades/fill the walls with pictures and we're almost finished with the living room. Shooting this outfit on a dull rainy Monday August afternoon gave them the grainy vibe I always aim to achieve and never quite manage, so I'm really pleased with how they turned out, although I definitely don't want it to keep raining.



  1. Such a lovely dress looks perfect on you!
    I know what you mean about writing text with your posts it has to come to you right?

  2. This dress is so gorgeous ! Love it !


  3. This outfit is amazing!! I absolutely love your style x

  4. That dress is perfect and I love your home! I am also the same with writing, it can be so frustrating! x

    The Style Rogue

  5. beautiful photos, amazing kimono x

  6. Oh wow, I love everything about this! Your house sounds like my dream home!

    Cats in Crop Tops

  7. That kimono is perfection, so eye catching.

  8. Love the white dress, so simple and elegant.

    I would love it if you checked out my blog as well


  9. Ah I've been lusting after this dress for so long now, looks too gorgeous on you!

  10. obsessed with your space, you made that awkward area around the bottom of the fireplace so magical, I'm in awe, very inspiring!


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