Wednesday, 17 September 2014

✣ All the Leaves are Brown ✣

Dress (worn as top): Amilita*
Suede Skirt: Waiste Vintage (similar here)
Boots: Ash
Necklace: Waiste Vintage

I'm really into florals at the moment, especially floral prints on a black background, I don't even really know why I've suddenly become so obsessed with them, but it might be because I've suddenly have a new found love of pressed flowers in frames and it's stemmed from there. Accidental pun there whoops.

 The bell sleeves on this Amilita dress are pretty amazing too, my favourite kind sleeves of course. This sheer dress is so versatile, it looks great on it's own with some over the knee boots and I've also been wearing it tucked into bells too. Super happy that the babes over at Amilita featured me on their blog too!

This post is (hopefully) a scheduled post because I'm going to Kefalonia tomorrow, YAY so I should be there when this goes live! I'm currently trying to narrow it down on the packing front, is 24 dresses too much? The answer to that is probably yes. Maybe. It's hard to be packing for summer when it's turning into Autumn! 

These pictures were also taken pre fringe trim which happened at the weekend, as although I loved the shape it was here, every time the wind blew it went into my eyes, and was actually pretty annoying, so it's now a really blunt heavy fringe which I love! This is my only scheduled post when I'm on holiday, so see you in a week. Follow me on instagram (@sara_waiste) if you'd like daily updates of my life or to see my holiday snaps.

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