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✩ Review: Little Miracles Organic Energy Drink ✩

Being in my mid twenties (sob), I've noticed recently that I have been becoming more and more aware of what I put into my body. And it seems the online world has gone clean living crazy too, with so many great healthy and wellbeing websites popping up where ever you look, it's brilliant how much health and well being is being promoted, and it's a great time to really start looking after ourselves. The way I started to change was with little things such as giving up meat and fish, not eating any processed foods, trying to cut down on my dairy intake (I no longer drink milk at all) and watching the amount of sugar I consume- that last one is the hardest as I have such a sweet tooth! And anyone who knows me personally will know I've not always been this way.

I'm ashamed to admit the amount of coke I used to drink in my late teens and early twenties as a sugary 'quick fix' and the unhealthy takeaways and junk food I'd pick up when I was too lazy to think about what to eat. So when I consciously made changes for the better a few years ago, I really noticed how much of a difference it made to when I cut it all out. My skin was clearer, my hair and nails grew, and I had so much more energy and just felt and looked so much better inside and out. Unfortunately I do still drink a lot of coffee though, especially when I'm stressed and have lots to do. Now my usual drinks of choice are: tea with almond milk, homemade juices and smoothies, black coffee, coconut water, water and lots of  herbal tea, especially when I'm trying not to have too much caffeine.

So it was with great excitement a couple of weeks ago when I discovered the organic brand Little Miracles. From what I've seen and researched, they seem to be one of the healthiest organic soft drinks I've found out there to give me an organic energy boost instead of my usual coffee fix and without having to resort to any sugar fizzy drinks. After doing a little research I found that these drinks have no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners (they are just sweetened slightly with agave) they do have natural juice blended with tea in them so I don't drink them all the time because I am consciously trying my hardest not to have too much sugar and the juice makes them of a higher sugar content. But the ingredients they have blended together make for the perfect pick me up as the acai and ginseng in them provide a natural energy boost when you're looking for something other than a caffeine fix, and I love the unusual but great flavour combinations they have.

I was already a big fan of the white tea and cherry before I was sent the full flavour range and I love it, I'm a sucker for anything sweet (I know so bad) and cherry is my favourite flavour.  The cherry drink also contains white tea and ginseng which is great to keep energy levels up and give you a little lift, especially on some afternoons when I have a tendency to crash, usually because I have drank a little too much coffee in the morning, oops. They're much more refreshing than a coffee too. I also can just grab and go with these,just throwing one in my bag, which I usually do if I'm headed out for a meeting or a vintage buying trip, so much easier than trying to not to spill a boiling hot coffee whilst trying to navigate a packed overground or tube.

My other favourite flavour is the green tea and pomegranate which has quite an unusual flavour, you get a lovely hint of pomegranate (again a flavour I love) and it's almost as if you're drinking a nice cold green tea, but not as strong, if you know what I mean? I admit, the peach and the orange tea I probably wouldn't buy again, but this is only because I don't like either peach or orange juice as flavours-even though they weren't that strong, not because they were bad! The orange one is quite fiery with the ginger in it's defence, I just really hate anything orange flavoured!

They retail usually around £1.49 and you can find them all over the place now, I grab mine from the local Tesco, cheaper than a coffee! Less calories too, these being less than 90 calories per drink. Overall I've found these to be the perfect organic soft drink alternative to my normal caffeine fix, and definitely something I love treating myself to every so often (they also work wonders for a hangover too). I'd love to hear what anyone else has tried them thinks of them too.
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  1. I was obsessed with the white tea and cherry till I realised the sugar content was pretty much the same as drinking a coke :(


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