Monday, 6 October 2014

✿ Meadowlark ✿

Jacket, Bag and Tunic| Vintage
Jeans | Topshop
Shoes | And Other Stories

Being from the countryside one of the things I do love about living in East London is the amount of green there is around me. There are four or five massive parks within walking distance of my flat and my favourite has to be London fields, and this summer they grew a whole meadow in there! it's so pretty and I walk through this park more than I need to because of it. A detour I don't mind in the slightest taking. These photos were taken on Sunday when it was the most perfect October afternoon, blue skies sunshine with a chill in the air, perfect for starting to bring out my winter jackets out of hibernation. And in other news, I want the whole of And Other Stories shoe collection.


  1. The tunic pattern matches the jacket so well, i love this outfit!

  2. Love the look ! Especially the jacket and the denim !


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  4. You have the most amazing vintage pieces <3

  5. that jacket!! *drrrroooollll*

  6. Such a beautiful location! Didn't know East London had such peaceful places. Looking stunning! In love with that coat!


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