Friday, 28 November 2014

❈ Duvet Day ❈

Top: Waiste Vintage
Velvet Joggers: Leggsington
Socks: TK Maxx

This is one of my comfiest outfits ever, and pretty much what I've been living in the past couple of rainy days in London (hence the bedroom background). It's been pretty grey and grim this week and I've not been feeling too well, so all I've wanted to do is huddle under a crochet blanket with Herschy in my room.

Instead I've been slouching around the studio with a lemon and honey herbal tea in hand, and in these super comfy velvet joggers from Leggsington, a great alternative to my jeans that I've been living in, and I've also been vintage buying this week which of course has made me feel a million times better. So much good stuff coming to Waiste before Christmas, I honestly am not quite sure how I'm going to part with it.


  1. Love the look and the decor is so pretty !



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