Tuesday, 18 November 2014

❃ Jessthetics ❃

Shirt: Jessthetics*
Cardigan: Vintage (really old)
Jeans: ASOS

I self timed these a couple of weeks ago now when I was at home, so apologises for the slight blurriness. I love my willow tree so much. There used to be a swing on it when my  brother and I were little, and there actually used to be two of them, one on each side, but one sadly had to get cut down.

Anyway....I was sent this dreamy paisley vintage shirt a few weeks ago by Jess from Jessthetics, who has just started a great online sustainable handmade easy shop of the same name. (HERE) which has recently expanded to stock vintage too.  I love the ethics of Jess on both her blog, shop and lifestyle, she's vey inspiring. Have a read of her environment and ethics page HERE, it's such a lovely idea to spread awareness about leading a more environmentally friendly and ethic lifestyle.

 I know I've said this before on my blog but as I'm getting older I've really noticed how much much more aware I'm becoming of what I'm eating, buying and wearing. Has anyone else found this?
After becoming vegetarian this year, I've gradually been making more little changes in my lifestyle to make it more ethical and environmentally friendly, and I really want to do more. That's also one of the reasons I love vintage so much, not only for the thrill of finding hidden treasures, it's also a form of recycling too, and I love reworking a few of the vintage pieces I find too to give new life into them for the next owner to love.


  1. This shirt is amazing! Love the purple paisley print and Sara you're looking gorgeous as always! x

    Drea xo
    Drea's Junkyard

  2. Gorgeous! I love love love that shirt!

  3. This is such a lovely outfit, nice pictures too !


  4. I most definitely am becoming more aware of what I eat particularly as I get older. I just think you become more aware of the effect things have on you're body and your mortality.


  5. Very nice for self timers, mine don't look like this :P! Looking absolutely stunning! In love with that paisley blouse. And the jacket... oh my, love it!


    ✿⊰✲⊱✿⊰✲⊱✿ Lucia Flores Diary ✿⊰✲⊱✿⊰✲⊱✿

  6. Lovely photos, the patterns on your pieces are gorgeous.

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