Wednesday, 31 December 2014

✦♢ 2015 Goals ♢✦

It’s been such an incredible year this year, one with it’s ups and downs of course, but there’s been so many great things, and I’m looking forward to making 2015 even better. Looking back on 2014, I'm so grateful for everything that's happened. I’ve achieved things I never thought were possible and that I could do. Things like, modelling for Urban Outfitters and being on their homepage, building up my own vintage business and it being a success, (still having to pinch myself), having the chance to work with some of my favourite brands, becoming vegetarian, for me it’s been such a year of change, and mostly change in a really good way. I’ve learnt so much, and I’m still learning. But there’s still lots of things that I feel do still need some work in regards to myself. So, some of my goals for 2015, in no particular order are:

Stop taking things so personally.
Running my own business I put my heart and soul into everything I do so I do find it incredibly tough if anything is criticised, and I know I should never take it as a personal insult but sometimes I can’t help it, so I need to remember it’s not and it never is, and to learn to let things go too.

Have more confidence in myself.
I’m full of self doubt and anxiety a lot of the time and I know this is something I massively need to work on, which I need to start with learning to love myself and being comfortable in my own skin, and being really proud of my achievements instead of constantly criticising myself. I’m such a perfectionist which doesn’t help either, so I know I need to let the little things go and not be so hard on myself.

Take time to relax-make time for family and friends
Being self employed, this is such an important one for me, especially towards the end of this year where I was working non-stop day and night, and felt I couldn’t take a break. Deep breaths and to also remember, it can wait. It's not the end of the world if something doesn't get finished until the morning. it’s so important to take time out to recharge otherwise you’ll just burn out. Make time to see friends that I don’t see very often, even if it mean sacrificing a few hours of work, being around those you love and spending time with them is so much more important.

Stop Procrastinating/Be More time efficient and productive
I’m the queen of putting things off, and it’s usually because I’m too scared to face them. Which sounds so silly I know. For example, I'll open emails and being so busy, I'll start to panic about what to reply and what to say, and think to myself, oh it's ok, I’ll just reply after a few days, which then turns into weeks, or just never finding the time to which is awful. This I know again is a confidence issue, I need to just reply straight away, and to not being scared of saying no, to be honest or to turn things down either. The same goes with posting on here and my work in general. I always, always leave things until the last minute which puts me under stress that I don’t need and that needs to stop. Productivity is key for me in 2015.

Put myself out there more- Being more socially active on social media
I do love social media, instagram is my favourite and having two accounts means I really love to spend time making my photos look great, and I love getting really creative with them. However I do need to push myself to interact more and comment more on other instagrammers/blogs I love, my excuse is always that I’m too busy, but I do want to take the make new connections and new friends. Talk to more people! And to make sure I try my best to reply to all questions/comments. The same goes for twitter and my blog too. I am such a private person but I know I need to put myself out there more.

Staying true to myself
Of course although social media is great, I find it’s very easy when I’m feeling down to start constantly comparing myself to others and feeling like I’m not good enough, my style isn’t the same, my blogs not right etc etc. It’s so easy to get distracted by thoughts like this and in turn it leads me into negative thinking about myself. I do sometimes forget that it doesn’t and shouldn’t matter what anyone else thinks, this is my blog/twitter/instagram and I should just post what I love, what I love to wear, and stay true to what I wear/like/believe in, instead of getting distracted and allowing myself to care too much what others think and what I think I should be doing instead of what I want to be doing. Never be afraid to be myself and staying individual.

Rid myself of any negativity in my life 
I’ve already done this quite a bit in my life so far, as i've gotten older I've removed myself from friendship groups that made me really unhappy and was a constant source of negativity, but to now I need to make sure I’m not around anyone that has negative energy, and the same goes for my own thoughts and energy. I need to stop being negative in my attitude, think positively and surround myself with positive people that make me want to better myself.

Happy New Year!
What are your goals for 2015?



  1. i love this, its so positive! So much better than the usual unrealistic new years resolutions!
    HAPPY 2015

  2. I love this! So good to set yourself positive goals like this for the new year instead of petty things. Have an awesome 2015.

  3. So positive! Have a great 2015! x

  4. These goals are really nice ! Good luck with them !

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  5. What fabulous goals - I agree with all of them, good luck!!

    Josie XOXO
    Fashion Mumblr

  6. I definitely want to be more positive too! I've just started an audio book called 'Be Brilliant Every Day', it's funny and cute - not sure if I've learnt much yet but I'm going to keep an open mind. :) Happy new year!!

    Tara x


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