Monday, 22 December 2014

❈ Home Details ❈ (Picture Heavy Post) ❈

Now that I've got some free time to step back, relax, and really look at this blog, I thought it would be time to have another home post. This year, because I've been so focused on building my vintage brand, although I do love blogging, it's more something I love to do occasionally when I've got the time. I've found that more often than not, it has become too easy to just post when I have to, rather than what I want to. I don't feel as though this blog is a reflection of myself and my personality as much as it could be, and so I've promised myself in the new year I will take the time to start to create content that is and really spend time making this blog special, and I will post because I want to.

I'm such a perfectionist too, I always get asked so often if I'd do a home post and I always said I wanted to wait until we had everything finished in the flat until I did, as I feel as though this is quite a personal thing to post. But we still haven't and I know that if I don't do this post now, I probably never would. Even now I'm still thinking... is this good enough, I should have taken more pictures of such a such a thing...etc... honestly the negative voice in my head just won't shut up sometimes. This is the first time my boyfriend and I have lived together, it may be small but it's a special place. So when we moved in he gave me free reign of the decorating (although I always still asked him first) and almost everything you see above has been thrifted, sourced from vintage and antique shops, found at carboots or on eBay. I've never decorated a whole flat before and I wanted it to have a little character. Throughout the ongoing process it's been so much fun hunting for treasures, and I've realised what's worked and what hasn't, and I'm still learning. I'm still looking for that perfect vintage sofa too.

I have posted a little about about my flat before, you can see previous posts that include bits of my flat here and here too. But all the images above I've collected from my laptop, tumblr and phone, they are little snippets of it's progress, taken throughout the 7 months my boyfriend and I have lived in our flat. Because I'm currently staying in my childhood home for Christmas, there's so much more I want to photograph but I can't, and that's probably a good thing anyway as I can save those ideas for another home post later instead. There's so much more I want to do, but it's finally starting to feel like home. If you want to see even more, come follow me on instagram: @sara_waiste


  1. Your home is STUNNING. So many unique pieces, it certainly has character! And Herschey is the cutest, HIS EYES <3

  2. You seriously have the most gorgeous, intricately decorated flat - I have a seriously huge love for it.
    I was wondering where this dress was from? It's beautiful - so angelic! X

    Love, Lucy

    1. Thank you so much! And it's from Free People x

  3. Wow...another great post. Every photograph is amazing :)
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  4. Your house is looking so gorgeous ! Love the details ! :)

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  5. Oh gosh! Your home looks perfect, you have so many interesting things!

    Tabby x

  6. Your home is really lovely! I'm always envious of your vintage finds and it's so lovely to have a little insight into your beautiful home

  7. Your house is a vintage dream! So inspiring :)

  8. the most beautiful flat in the world i swear! sooo breathtaking <3 xo


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