Monday, 1 December 2014

❋ Snow White ❋

Shaggy Knit Cardigan: Spell Designs (old)
Lace Dress: Amilita*
Boots: ASOS (old)
Necklaces: Various and Bloody Mary Metal*

Happy 1st December! I'm feeling so festive already and thought this snowy inspired outfit was perfect for the start of the month. Although these were actually taken yesterday I still can't believe I'm prancing around in no tights and a coat, so happy. I'm really leaning towards all white/cream/light colours and layers recently,  as it's staying warmer,this Amilita dress is so pretty, it looks vintage.

 Even though it's a little grey and it does go darker really early the weather isn't ruining my creativity (as much as it usually does) which has put me in a super great mood today. That and I got some sneaky black friday/cyber monday early christmas presents to me from me from some of my favourite brands, and it's now only 20 days until I can go home and spend Christmas with my family. TOO EXCITED. Just need a mulled wine and a tree now!


  1. that shaggy cardi is so perfect!

  2. thx for your coment, you re lovely !!! <3


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