Monday, 24 February 2014

Excuse me while I kiss the sky

Dress: Kiss the Sky via Spoiled Brat*
Cardigan: Spell Designs
Faux Fur Gilet: Missguided*
Necklaces: Tentative Decisions and Waiste
Boots: Beyond Retro

Obvious Jimi Hendrix lyric reference in the post title there, which is also the name of new clothing brand Kiss the Sky, who I discovered on the the Spoiled Brat recently. Their free-spirited festival style ticks all the right boxes for me, it's such a 'me' brand, and even though it's not summer yet, this cute cut-out daisy dress still looks great layered up! Favourite new brand I think. I've been living in a variation of shaggy white cardigans, faux fur gilets and dresses recently, desperately dreaming of summer.

I've just found out Spoiled Brat are getting more of their product in over the next few weeks, and being as affordable as it it (this dress is only £32) I think my wardrobe is going to be full of Kiss The Sky soon.

PS: How perfect are these cowboy boots I found in Beyond Retro in Dalston? Again, I'm wearing them with everything!

Use the code below to get 10% discount from Spoiled Brat too:


Thursday, 20 February 2014


 I'm wearing head to toe Missguided*, and Waiste necklaces, Nostalgic Feather Handpiece and Tentative Decisions ring
Helena in head to toe Missguided
 Love her green brows!
Well deserved cupcakes from Primrose Bakery.

Last Friday me and Helena were asked to go hang out at LFW and give an insiders guide to LFW and London for Missguided. Despite the constant heavy rain that day it was amazing to hang around Somerset house, style stalking (and Made in Chelsea star stalking at one point) with my babes Helena and Robyn from Missguided, and chatting to lots of lovely bloggers too. The feature will be on Missguided really soon so make sure you check it out.

I absolutely loved my outfit and got lots of compliments which really made my day, I love how versatile Missguided can be as a brand, as I had no problems picking something that was true to my boho style, whilst also it being an outfit that represented Missguided well. See me on the Missguided blog LFW street style HERE too.

Monday, 10 February 2014

'Gypsy Rose' Make Up Tutorial by Harry Makes it Up

The other week I modelled for my make-up artist friend Harry (who also blogs HERE) for her 'Gypsy Rose' make up tutorial for her youtube channel. (Have a peek HERE) It was such a fun thing to do and a totally different experience, as I'm not a you tuber and have never made a video before and I got some great tips for new makeup ideas too. As I'm pretty sure I've had the same make-up look since I was about 18...

My friend and hairstylist James Langan did my hair for the video and we'll hopefully be doing a braid tutorial one soon too! He also took some behind the scenes shots for me below.


Friday, 7 February 2014

Waiste for Beyond Retro

All clothing Beyond Retro. 
Styling and Photography: Naomi from Two Shoes One Pair.

I'm only on another homepage this week! Seriously what is happening, this is insane, someone please pinch me. Styled by the seriously talented Naomi from Two Shoes One Pair, this was such a fun shoot as not only was it was for one of the most best vintage stores out there, Beyond Retro but because I got to dress up in what I love...VINTAGE! 

Taking next seasons trends and interpreting them in a vintage way, Naomi totally got my boho vibe and I'm in love with all of these looks (especially the poncho, I need to go back and buy it). My favourite trend was of course Tribal, have a look at all the trend pieces online at Beyond Retro here, they're all perfect, so much so I've just bought these two beauties:

I couldn't resist! Read my interview with Beyond Retro here!


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

What I've been up to recently...

Sometimes I feel like I don't include enough of my life and work into this blog, and it feels silly not to, as they overlap so often. It just seems as I never really seem to have the time to post anything other than quick outfit posts, or even get time to read any other blogs (I'm currently writing this post at nearly midnight-case in point) but I do feel like they can become a bit samey. I'm really lucky to be able to be as creative as possible with my brand Waiste, so I thought I'd show you a few things I've been up to so far this week.

I love thinking of creative shots for the Waiste instagram, these two are my favourite so far this week. I can seriously spend hours on instagram images when I have a good idea, making collages is so much fun.

I'm really, really excited to finally announce that Waiste has just launched an exclusive jewellery collaboration with amazing jewellery brand Dixi this evening! We had a lot of fun working on these designs, and you can now shop the full collection HERE, and I'd love to know what you think.

The images above were ones I have created especially for the Waiste homepage and jewellery page for the launch. All the pieces are limited edition too, and there's only a small quantity of each stock. I want to keep everything of course! They'd make perfect gifts for Valentines day too...hint hint.

Oh, and I don't know if you've seen, but I may currently be on the Urban Outfitters homepage too...

 Seriously though this last one is insane. I know I keep saying it, but it is just really surreal to see myself on their site anyway, let alone the homepage! I never want to look! I'm not used to it at all. Not only that but the homepage image was also featured in an advert for Urban in this weeks Look magazine too!  Feeling incredibly lucky and blessed to have such an amazing opportunities recently.

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