Tuesday, 28 October 2014

✣ Pattern Clashing ✣

Kimono and Paisley shirt: Vintage
Jeans: Topshop
Loafers: H&M

Just a quick outfit from the other week, I accidentally wore this combination when I had run out of clean clothes in Belgium and was a little worse for wear after three days and nights of partying, but I ended up really liked the pattern combination.

 I think my key when pattern clashing is for me not to do too many at once, I always have the tendency to want to wear something crazy on the bottom too and it can sometimes get a little messy, but I just love all the patterns. This winter I have noticed I've taken a slight shift towards darker hues and simpler shapes, leaning towards a more bohemian look with a rock and roll edge and I'm really enjoying it.


Sunday, 26 October 2014

✶ Gypsy Witch ✶

Dress: Kiss The Sky via Indigo Cult* Buy Here
Suede Boots: Topshop
Necklaces: Waiste Vintage

I've finally found my dream black suede thigh boot, thank you Topshop. For heeled boots they're surprisingly comfy too. I do kinda want the snakeskin version of these too even though I know they're completely impractical and I know I would probably only wear them like once. But these ones I actually don't want to take off my feet.

Luckily they go perfectly with my dreamy new Kiss the Sky dress, I kept it simple with this outfit as it's such a lovely shape (and it's still really warm in London) and I wanted to show off the pretty crochet and bell sleeves. I wore it out on Friday night layered under one of my kimonos so you could see the sleeves because kimonos and bell sleeves are always a match made in heaven.


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

☽ For Love and Lemons: Dreamy Shoot and Dreamy Boots ☾

For Love and Lemons 'Holiday in Topanga Canyon' Holiday Lookbook 2014

All images via For Love and Lemons. Full lookbook HERE.

For Love and Lemons have done it again, I think this has to be my favourite lookbook so far. The first outfit is by far my favourite, straight on the Christmas list. And not only do I want every single piece (as usual) those are my dream suede boots right there. Someone please know where they are from?

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

★ Missguided London City Guide ★

All clothing: Missguided*

Yay, really excited that my guide to (East) London is now on the Missguided blog, well it was on Friday but I've been in Belgium and this didn't schedule properly. Above is the outfit I styled up for it and below is a few of the places I picked.

 I had so much fun rediscovering my favourite parts of London, where I love to eat and hang out, as I've found it's really easy to get stuck in a rut when you're constantly working and I've noticed I've definitely been needing to get out more! London is such a great city I really do need to explore it and discover more hidden gems.

 You can read the full post HERE.

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