Saturday, 3 January 2015

✢ New Year, Old Clothes ✢

Skirt and Top: Waiste Vintage
Fluffy faux sheepskin waistcoat: H&M
Hat: Catarzi via ASOS

My favourite vintage 70s top ever, I'm surprised it hasn't been on here before. I love the pattern, high neck and bell sleeves, I actually usually wear it as a tunic but because I'm still at home and I have a very limited wardrobe available, I've been mixing and matching. I think I did well with what I packed, I haven't got sick of wearing anything yet, and resisted the urge to sales shop. Ahem, apart from one Zara navajo cardigan but that's for my birthday anyway.

I'm always torn between the idea of just staying at home forever, especially around Christmas time, then realising I'm a grown up and I can't, I've made a life for myself in London. It's been lovely to just have a couple of weeks off and be looked after and not have to worry about anything. I'm just always so sad when it comes to an end. Wouldn't it be great if we could go backwards, instead of forwards, just once.


  1. lovely outfit, I love the west!

    ♥Sandra Felicia

  2. This so fab, I'm obsessed with that print! *_*

    Andini xx
    Adventures of an Anglophile

  3. Love this outfit.

    Hope going back to London goes smoothly for you, always hard after a break!

    Allie x

    Rush & Teal

  4. This is such a beautiful outfit. Love the waistcoat!


  5. Your outfit is so dreamy, I love your style!

    Emma xo // Wallflower Wardrobe

  6. the sleeves of that top are great- and it matches your necklace so well!

  7. You look so stylish ! Love the accessories !


  8. How in the world I haven't found your blog earlier?? You're so awesome<3

  9. Such a perfect outfit! Everything goes so well together! Love is all.
    I want your necklace.


  10. I love this look. you have an amazing blog!

    Pay with Polka Dots


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