Friday, 20 February 2015

✧ Label Love: Somedays Lovin ✧

In love with these gypsy style summery boho images from one of my Australian favourites Somedays Lovin. Looking at them has almost (but not quite) made me forget it was still winter outside. Also: definitely need that hat/whole outfit from the first image.

I'm feeling a little more inspired just by looking at them, winter doesn't last forever. Sometimes I have to keep telling myself that. Imagine living somewhere where it was sunny pretty much all year round? A girl can dream. They've made me (even more) excited for summer, holidays with my best friends, making plans, dreaming of hazy days. I've got so many things I want to achieve this year.  Only 28 more days until Spring...


  1. I'll take that first dress, SWOON. I've just found the fringed Somedays Lovin jacket of my dreams which I want to buy! Jade has come up with the GENIUS idea of insisting I need it to wear over my wedding dress on the evening. Hellz yeah.

    Tara x

  2. Brands like this make me feel proud to be Australian! This is definitely on of my fav brands :) I am totally dreamy eyed over these gorg pics. Unfortunately for me though, summer is coming to an end here in Australia... *cries for days*

  3. Love the photos and the looks !

    Win Pink in Tokyo items on my blog !

  4. Love this! ♥
    Want all the pieces too!
    You are making me jealous, pretty!

  5. beautiful pictures!

  6. I loose somedays lovin! I have a pair of black lace flares that are so rad! x

  7. i feel ya girly! i'm stocking up things for summer, then i remember how far away it is! Move me to aus! <3


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