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☆ In Sara's House - My Flat Featured on the Urban Outfitters Blog ☆

I'm so excited to share this interview on here. Last month I was asked by Urban Outfitters if I'd like my flat to be featured on their blog. Immediately saying yes, looking around at the chaos surrounding me I started to panic, being the most disorganised messiest person I usually am. So I embarked on the biggest clean and tidy up of my flat I've ever had, and it felt really good. Honestly, I now need to pressure of people coming round every week to force me into tidying I swear.

 One of the questions I usually get asked about my flat is: 'how do you keep your flat clean?'. Well, I now the answer... HOOVER EVERYTHING. I've posted the UO interview Q and A below, if you'd like to have a read. They got a few little facts wrong, obviously I'm a vintage buyer, not designer, and everyone who knows me, knows I have a wardrobe full of flares/bells/whatever you like to call them, I love them. But anyway, hope you like it. You can also find the full article on the UO blog here.

Stepping inside the home of vintage designer Sara Waiste is like travelling back in time to an early ‘70s antique fair – only there’s no flares and the herbal tea is of the legal variety.

With her walls lined with peculiar maps, elephant ornaments and around a thousand vintage trinkets, Sara quickly admits, “If I see something I love, I have to have it. Some might say it’s slightly on the verge of hoarding”. We sat down for a cuppa to find out 


UO: How do you describe your home to someone who has never seen it before?

SARA: I guess I’d say my home is a reflection of my personality; it’s an unusual, eclectic treasure chest, with a lot of patterns and textures going on. I wanted my home to have a laid-back bohemian vibe and for it to look like it had a story to tell, as if the walls could talk. It’s very much a creative work in progress.

UO: Where do you go to find all this amazing stuff?

SARA: Anywhere and everywhere, I’m always treasure hunting. Car boot sales, vintage shops, antique and flea markets- I try and hunt at least once a week to see if there’s anything amazing. 

UO: How hard do you find it not to keep buying more and more things to add to your collection? 

S: I always feel like it’s never enough. It’s kind of an ongoing thing, and I’ve only just started so I do have a long way to go. I want to get some great vintage furniture pieces next. I also like to have themes and I get a little obsessed with hunting down pieces to fit with what I like at the time. I always somehow find a place for them! 

UO: There’s seems to be couple of themes running throughout your home, specifically elephants and maps, what that’s all about? 

S: I have a lot of maps as I’m planning to travel the world one day, specifically America, but I do want to explore everywhere. They act as a reminder to my dreams. I collect the elephants because I’m a little superstitious. I’ve heard that elephant ornaments can bring good luck in your home if they have their trunk facing up and you have at least 8, apparently. 

UO: Do you have any sentimental tid-bits hanging about? 

S: I have a beautiful white wrought iron mirror above my fireplace that my nana gave me when I moved in, it’s so special to me as when I was a little girl I used to sit and look in it and pretend it was magical. There’s a massive mirror map picture hanging above my bed that my boyfriend bought for me when we first met. Maybe I can blame him for the map obsession.

UO: If you could invite anyone to your home for afternoon tea, past or present, who would it be? 

S: Such a tough question! So many, but Stevie Nicks would be my number one choice. It could happen, you never know! 

UO: What would your dream house look like? 

S: A seventies ranch in America full of vintage antiques, plants, books and cats – preferably in Topanga Canyon.



  1. the colour scheme and trinkets fits in perfectly with your aesthetic, congrats on the feature! xx
    the biggest clean I did of my room was when I bought a piece of furniture and all of a sudden had to clean to make space for it but it did the trick! :P

  2. I love that cute little leon tree *-*
    I want to buy me one, too. (from IKEA)

  3. This is such a gorgeous place ! Love the items , so retro and cute !

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  4. ahh your house is beautiful ,such a lovely eclectic vintage style x

  5. Absolutely stunning Sara, I dream of a house like this! x

  6. your flat is beautiful and it actually does look like the walls could talk! I hope my little collection of bits and pieces looks this good one day
    sara x

  7. I just discovered your blog and I'm in love! Great post.

    Lydia x

  8. Your house is an utter dream! Such beautiful taste. xx


  9. I liked reading this interview even if they did get a couple of things wrong. It was nice seeing more of your home, i was drooling over everything. I love the whole eclectic, boho vibes :)

    Cats In Crop Tops

  10. So many beautiful things! Love this interior and deco!

  11. Wow you flat is amazing, you have found such quirky things! xx

  12. You've got a beautiful home, love all the little bobs and bits. Such a great opportunity!

    / O.R.R.

  13. Oh wow! How amazing. And your place is incredible! LOVE the drink bottle covered in red leather; so gorgeous x

  14. I love how you decorate, it's such an inspiring space!

    Shy Girl Loud Voice

  15. Your house is stunning! I wish I could decorate like this but the Mr is very minimal and modern... boo!

  16. Your home is just stunning, it's like something out of a Pinterest photo!


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