Tuesday, 29 September 2015

A Day in Camden Market

:: Video still wearing a vintage dress ::

Video shot by Treve Jackson-Hicks
A slightly different post today as you can see from the video above. Apologises about my annoying voice (insert monkey with hands over his eyes emoji here). Last month I had the pleasure of being asked to head over to Camden Market to wander around and pick out a few of my favourite things from the hundreds of shops and stalls there, being filmed along the way. If you haven't been it's basically like a little aladdins cave, you can definitely get lost in there which is all part of the fun.
Now if you're not familiar with Camden Market, for me it used to be the place to go for hidden gems, bohemian pieces, antiques and vintage, it's been around since the 70s and is now going through a massive overhaul and going back to it's bohemian roots. If you're a tourist to London I'd highly recommend getting lost there for a day. It's steeped in history and now with the launch of the new Camden Market website you can find the best of the market online too.
:: What I chose :: 

:: Cactus leather custom one-off leather bag :: similar here ::

Cactus leather is an incredible leather bag and accessories shop in the heart of the stables in Camden where they hand-make all their leather products, combining the influence of British culture with Moroccan leather tradition. They can custom make you anything too, which is pretty amazing.

:: Paisley Throw and Embroidered Pom Pom Bag :: Both Araucaria ::

I found these great pieces in a shop called Araucaria, which is full of indian inspired homeware pieces, and they sell a bit of clothing too. A real life treasure trove. I'm going to use the pom pom bag as a makeup bag.
:: Brass Snake Ring :: Tribu ::

Tribu is a handmade jewellery shop inspired by tribal cultures, artists and music, they hand make a lot of the jewellery actually in the back of the shop and can resize or adjust anything to make sure it fits you perfectly. I've been after a snake ring for ages so I'm really pleased with this one.

Have you been to Camden market? What's your favourite shop?


Saturday, 26 September 2015

Black and Gold

 :: Dress :: Forever 21 (Old) ::
:: Shoes :: Public Desire* ::
:: Velvet Embroidered Jacket :: H&M via Ebay ::
:: Bag :: Camden Market* ::
:: Hair Pin :: Bly Design* ::
:: Crystal Ring :: Tentative Decisions* ::

Soooo what happens when you shoot loads of outfit posts in one week and then feel really smug that you feel slightly organised for the first time in your life? You completely forget to blog half of them of course. In my defence I did want to wait to post this one until it got a little colder and darker as I feel this outfit has a little wintery feeling about it, almost Christmassy with the black and gold theme haha. Can't stop banging on about Christmas I've mentioned in twice now on here! These Public Desire lace up boots are a great little in-between shoe as it doesn't feel anywhere near Autumn/winter yet (thank goodness) they go great with jeans too.

As does this beautiful jacket I won for a fiver on eBay a couple of months back. I was so happy as I've wanted it for absolutely ages, and was always kicking myself from not buying it from H&M when it first came out. It will however actually be absolutely useless in winter, it's both cropped and three quarter sleeves, I was having enough trouble trying to keep my dress sleeves tucked in for this, as you can see, I just gave up in the end. So pretty to look at though.


Tuesday, 22 September 2015

✿ Autumn Patchwork ✿

:: 70s Dress :: Vintage
:: Hat :: Brixton*
:: Boots :: Bertie ::

:: Photography :: Jasmine Farram

These are the first in a series of blog posts I did with the talented Jasmine Farram, another girl I met through the powers of instagram (where else?) and did a mini shoot in-between showers. I kind of realised when meeting up with her how weird it actually is to be taking pictures of a strange girl for her blog haha and got a little embarrassed but I love how these turned out and definitely want to shoot more now, this girl is amazing behind the lens.

 This beautifully made Brixton hat is literally the colour of Autumn and something that pretty much goes with everything in my wardrobe at the moment. I'm not sure how I did without it last Autumn. I've suddenly become obsessed with patchwork anything at the moment and couldn't believe my luck when I found this perfect 70s midi dress a couple of months ago, but I kind of felt that it's more of an Autumny dress with the colours so I've been resisting wearing it until I felt it was the right time. I even was going to cut it short at one point (it was a fleeting thought when it suddenly went hot one day) but I'm so glad I didn't now.


Wednesday, 16 September 2015

✿ Mellow Yellow ✿

:: Dresses :: Waiste Vintage
:: Boots :: Topshop (old)

:: Photography :: Alice Wint

This is the second of a series of outfits in a fun blog shoot I did with Alice, one of the amazing photographers behind the last couple of Waiste Vintage blogshoots and inspiring girl. I won't be selling the crochet yellow striped dress anytime soon that I found on one of my buying trips and couldn't resist keeping, mainly because it's one of my favourites and it's actually falling apart, but I actually have now sold the other one! I was planning on making this post live around the same time as the dress but of course life got in the way and I...didn't. Sorry about that, it's gone to a brand new home already. You can feel the chill in the air now and the pounding rain today, plus my cold has really made really fed up this week, and I don't really usually wear yellow, so I thought this sunny post would brighten up the day.

However in other news we've just finished shooting the next Waiste Vintage lookbook (like literally today) and I'm so excited about it, it's so different to the usual ones and there's lots of crochet.


Saturday, 12 September 2015

Indian Summer

:: Maxi Dress :: Free People (old)
:: Liliana Sandals :: Public Desire*

Apologises for saying the C-word so early, but this is actually going to be my Christmas dress, does anyone else do this? Have a special dress for the day/boxing day? I found it in my wardrobe after buying it in the Urban Outfitters sale last year I think, and the embroidery on it reminds me of little snowflakes, but I tried it on with these taupe sandals, then I realised I matched the meadow and thought it would make a lovely outfit blog post.

What a beautiful week of sunshine we've had, all I want to wear are creams and light colours, this is what I love about September here. This pretty meadow won't last for much longer, but I love how they made it in the heart of East London. And this weather won't either, it's raining next week.


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

I'm on the Free People Blog: What to Pack for Bestival

::  Free People Lace Dress ::
:: Bag :: Minkpink (old) ::
:: Free People Floral Tunic , Free People Shaggy Vest ::
: Sunglasses :: Zero UV* ::
:: Turquoise Necklace: Flora and Fauna* ::

As the theme for this years Bestival is 'Summer of Love', last week I got invited to the Free People showroom aka HEAVEN (always a dream to be asked to come in) to style up a couple of outfits as an inspiration for what to pack, in true Free People style of course....

Keeping in mind the Summer of Love theme, I was drawn to light colours, florals, pinks and creams. I love the beautiful bell sleeves on this vintage-inspired lace dress – so 70s and perfect for twirling and dancing at Bestival.

The shaggy waistcoat is super soft and warm, perfect for layering when the weather gets a little cooler. And I love the floatiness and the pale pink colour of the tunic…it’s so comfortable and you can wear it as a mini or tucked into some denim shorts for two different looks.

Sadly I'm not headed to Bestival this year but have the best time if you are, it's one of my absolute favourites and I've had the best times there.

To see the full post on the Free People blog, click HERE.
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