Thursday, 3 September 2015

Autumn Feeling

:: Cecille Flares :: Saturdays Child*
:: Suede and Crochet top :: Vintage
:: Bag :: Camden Market*
:: Sandals :: Topshop
:: Hat :: Catarzi via ASOS

It's official, Autumn is here, and so is dressing in shades that match the leaves, which is one of my favourite ways to dress. Plus layers are a bonus, I love a good layer. One item of clothing that will be seeing me through when it gets too cold for bare legs are these amazing flares from Saturdays Child, as not only are they a great Autumn 70s colour, but they are just so comfortable. In fact, the only problem I had when styling this outfit post was that I had SO MUCH that went with them it was such a hard decision to decide what to wear with them first!


  1. Beautiful outfit! I love that top. Just started following you :)


  2. Love the trousers so much !


  3. your top and shoes are literally perfect


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