Saturday, 12 September 2015

Indian Summer

:: Maxi Dress :: Free People (old)
:: Liliana Sandals :: Public Desire*

Apologises for saying the C-word so early, but this is actually going to be my Christmas dress, does anyone else do this? Have a special dress for the day/boxing day? I found it in my wardrobe after buying it in the Urban Outfitters sale last year I think, and the embroidery on it reminds me of little snowflakes, but I tried it on with these taupe sandals, then I realised I matched the meadow and thought it would make a lovely outfit blog post.

What a beautiful week of sunshine we've had, all I want to wear are creams and light colours, this is what I love about September here. This pretty meadow won't last for much longer, but I love how they made it in the heart of East London. And this weather won't either, it's raining next week.



  1. Your dress is absolutely gorgeous, it makes for a perfect Christmas dress! Your braids are really lovely too, very envious of your hairstyling skills!

    Tessa at Bramble & Thorn

  2. Gorgeous! You look like a bohemian bride :)


  3. This dress is looking so gorgeous !


  4. This dress looks beautiful and its never to early to plan your Christmas outfits :) x

  5. I love how you did your hair! It's never to early to pick a dress for Christmas, that way you will not struggle in women shops a week before the big day :) Your dress is very pretty!

  6. These photos are just stunning, love them!

  7. flawless


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