Sunday, 29 November 2015

Out of the Ordinary

Dress: Out of the Ordinary (OOTO)*
Scarf: Pieces via ASOS (sold out similar here)
Hat: Brixton*

Photography: Hannah Mae using digital and 35 mm

Just a quick little post, as I'm soooo so behind with blogging/life at the moment- I just need an admin day, or you know a way to stop time-anyone got Bernard's watch they want to lend me? Haha oh how I used to wish that was real. I'd also take Hermione's time turner too, as at the moment I just feel a bit like a disorganised mess, but I can't complain though as it's all exciting things I'm working on. I am however currently still in bed blogging this though, ahh relax. Really loving the sleeves on this OOTO dress so much and the colour is so dreamy. Plus, this hat is basically the most perfect hat ever, ever.

Ooh I also have some amazing news to announce on here by the way! As some of you may have noticed I've recently become an ASOS INSIDER, very exciting indeed, and I'll be working with both ASOS and ASOS marketplace finding and styling up the best vintage and boho they have on their websites. So I would love it if you could give me a follow on my new ASOS twitter, pinterest and instagram! I've created a wishlist of all my favourite products on pinterest too.

Friday, 27 November 2015

Getting Cozy

Jumper: First & I via Ark*
Scarf: Pieces via ASOS (similar here)
Bag: Cru*
Bells: Novella Royale
Hat: Brixton*

Photography: Hannah Mae shot on digital and 35mm

This has to be one of my favourite outfits recently, I just feel so cozy warm and snuggly every time I wear it. I've basically been wearing all of these things in different combinations for the past few weeks now. I'm obsessed with this jumper, it fits like a dream and I've worn it about 3457 times since I got it as it goes with everything. As does this Cru bag, I've been looking for the perfect tan bucket bag for what seems like forever now, I'd been hunting for a vintage one but I could never find a great one, so when I saw this one it was like my wish had been granted, as it looks like the perfect vintage bag, but it's actually a beautifully handmade 70s influenced one. It goes with every outfit and you can fit practically everything you own in it-a very important factor for me when deciding on a bag as I always feel like I have to carry around every single thing I could possibly need all the time, because you never know.  Honestly I cannot recommend it enough. If you want to get your hands on one too, or any of their beautiful bags, there's currently the below Black Friday discount codes:

  • 20% discount off our entire collection with the code CRU15BF20 
  • 40% discount off our Stanford Tote with the code CRU15BF40, that's almost half!
  • Free shipping to most European countries (a service that we offer all year round)
And the lovely Lucy, who works for CRU, also blogs and has featured me as her 'Muse of the Month' and done a lovely interview with me, you can have a read of it here. I've got so many updates that I just haven't mentioned on here yet too, I can't keep up at the moment! Looking forward to having a whole two weeks off at Christmas when I can finally catch up on everything.

Monday, 23 November 2015

Review: East London Vintage Fair

A couple or so weeks ago, on the 8th November to be precise, I was invited along to review the East London Vintage fair, a monthly vintage fair held at Clapton Round Chapel. Obviously a dream come true for me, I put my best (vintage) dress on for the occasion. The fair, created by Dominique Miller of Rabbit Moon Vintage, has over 40 stalls with vintage traders selling clothing from every era, plus there's tea coffee, cake and toasties, and a DJ who plays records from the pulpit. 

I'm already a big fan of the fair, I've been nearly every Sunday since it started back in the summer, it's just around the corner for me, and it's such a treat to be able to head over to it and be able to shop some vintage for myself for a change! You can spend hours wandering around all the different stalls, although I would advise to get there early to grab the best vintage pieces! It's the best one I've been to by far, and I've been to a lot, I never leave here empty handed and the pricing is so reasonable too. It's like a little treasure trove and there's loads of bargain rails and special offers too.

There's always tons of dreamy boho vintage every time which I love, along with lots and lots of special pieces anywhere from the 1920s to the1990s, and there's a few menswear stalls too. This time I found this amazing Liberty floral print shirt (below), a gorgeous cropped lace shirt and some insane MARY QUANT(!) burgundy cord trousers from Rabbit Moon Vintage-keep a lookout for these in upcoming blog posts. It was so hard not to buy so much more, as usual! 

What I always find really lovely about this fair is everyone is so friendly, so if you what to know more about the era of an item, or anything like that- just ask away, all the sellers have years of experience selling vintage and they really know their stuff. There's also changing rooms too, and I'd say to bring some cash with as most stalls are cash only, however a few do take card, but it's just easier to have the cash I always find. The stalls are always changing too so it's different every time. 

 Dress: Vintage
Bag: Cru*
Boots: ASOS

Ok so, some details for you, the next fair is on:

13th December 12pm - 6pm
The Round Chapel
1D Glenarm Road, (Just off Lower Clapton road)
E5 0LY

I'll see you there!


Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes

Jacket: Waiste Vintage
Jeans: Free People
Top: Vintage

Photography: Alice Wint: She Cried Wolf

As with any clothing item that becomes a 'trend' in fashion, the 'Penny Lane' style coat have suddenly become a wardrobe staple for anyone wanting even more of a 70s bohemian feel to their wardrobes this winter. This vintage one I've had for years now and they've always been my favourite style of winter coat. With all that fluffy faux fur you don't even need a scarf! I much prefer a vintage one than a new one-there's just something not quite right with all the ones I've seen on the high street, although you do have to step up the hunt if you want a decent vintage one these days! Also beware of the authenticity of a vintage one-there's a lot of naff 90s ones around pretending to be 70s.

Around since the late 60s and 70s they recently acquired their iconic name from one of my favourite films 'Almost Famous', where Kate Hudson wears a particularly amazing velvet one. If you haven't seen this film them we cannot be friends, simple as that, sorry. Joking, but not really. Another thing that makes the film more amazing is the rumour has it the character 'Penny Lane' was greatly influenced by one of my favourite women and author, who wrote the amazing 'I'm with the band': Pamela Des Barres. If you haven't read it, I suggest you put it on your Christmas list, as for any late 60s/70s lover this is the ultimate read as to what it was like back then by the most famous groupie herself , Miss Pamela, when rock and roll was first began and love was all you really needed.

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