Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Penny Lane is in my ears and in my eyes

Jacket: Waiste Vintage
Jeans: Free People
Top: Vintage

Photography: Alice Wint: She Cried Wolf

As with any clothing item that becomes a 'trend' in fashion, the 'Penny Lane' style coat have suddenly become a wardrobe staple for anyone wanting even more of a 70s bohemian feel to their wardrobes this winter. This vintage one I've had for years now and they've always been my favourite style of winter coat. With all that fluffy faux fur you don't even need a scarf! I much prefer a vintage one than a new one-there's just something not quite right with all the ones I've seen on the high street, although you do have to step up the hunt if you want a decent vintage one these days! Also beware of the authenticity of a vintage one-there's a lot of naff 90s ones around pretending to be 70s.

Around since the late 60s and 70s they recently acquired their iconic name from one of my favourite films 'Almost Famous', where Kate Hudson wears a particularly amazing velvet one. If you haven't seen this film them we cannot be friends, simple as that, sorry. Joking, but not really. Another thing that makes the film more amazing is the rumour has it the character 'Penny Lane' was greatly influenced by one of my favourite women and author, who wrote the amazing 'I'm with the band': Pamela Des Barres. If you haven't read it, I suggest you put it on your Christmas list, as for any late 60s/70s lover this is the ultimate read as to what it was like back then by the most famous groupie herself , Miss Pamela, when rock and roll was first began and love was all you really needed.



  1. What stylish look!
    ps: I love the title of this post!

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    lb-lc fashion and lifestyle blog

  2. love this coat in particular, but the style and pop culture about it too

  3. BABE. The book sounds awsome; I'm a huge lover of the 60's - especially the music! xx

    Abby | Eärendil

  4. I couldn't avoid singing the title while I reading it :P The pictures are wonderful :)

  5. Love the photos so much !



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