Friday, 23 January 2015

☽ Brick House Belles x Waiste Vintage ☾

 Bralets and white flared top: Brick House Belles
Jewellery: Shop Dixi and Nostalgic Feather
Crystal Ring: Tentative Decisions
Concho belts: Vintage
Coat: Waiste Vintage

I've been so excited to share this little collaboration shoot I did a few weeks ago with the beautiful Sterling when she was in London visiting from America. She owns the brand Brick House Belles, which I've been following on instagram for a while, so I was so happy when she contacted me to say she was her in London!

 All the clothing is hand made by Sterling, and includes bell bottoms and these super cute fringe bralets. It was such a fun little shoot hanging out at my flat, taking photos, giggling, talking about animals and drink herbal tea. I love doing things like this, it makes me feel so much more creative, so if anyone is up for anything like this please let me know, I'd love to do more shoots.

In other news I'm going to Bath tomorrow with my boyfriend for my birthday weekend (which is on Sunday by the way). I've never been but I've heard great things, so if any one has any suggestions on where to go or what to do let me know!


Monday, 19 January 2015

✿ My Vintage Buying Guide - What to look for when Treasure Hunting ✿

I have some exciting news, I made it onto Company online last week, after they asked me to write a fun guide on the basics to look out for when buying vintage/secondhand clothing, which I thought was such a great idea, and so I thought it would make a great idea for a blog post too.

Being a vintage buyer and a vintage store owner, this is always something I get asked a lot, so I've listed my tips and tricks below (you can also find it on Company here) so I hope this little guide helps when you go treasure hunting!  For me, there’s nothing better than the thrill of discovering a hidden gem. And don’t forgot, vintage pieces are one of a kind, so if you do love it, get it or you’ll regret it.

Wear suitable clothing when vintage shopping
This is kind of an obvious one but the amount of times I’ve got a kimono fringe or something similar caught when rummaging for gems (I never learn), so make sure to wear a comfortable, simple basic outfit when going shopping that you can take off or are able to try things on quickly over. Minimal to no jewellery and basic to no makeup too if you're really getting into the zone.

Always check a vintage piece thoroughly
 Make sure to be on the look out for stains/tears/holes, as a lot of vintage isn’t in the greatest condition. For example, sewing a missing button back on is one thing, but replacing a zip or a million moth holes is another. If there are any noticeable tears etc that you spot and they haven't been written on 'sold as seen', don't be afraid to ask for a discount.

Also another key thing is to learn your vintage labels before you go and make sure you check them to be sure you're buying a true vintage product. For example, 'St Michael' is actually just old M&S, which I personally wouldn't class as true vintage but I am forever seeing listed as just that on eBay.

Smell it
This may sound weird but honestly it’s an important one. Take a sniff of the armpits- as vintage fabrics, like polyester, the smell of a previous owner can linger, and so can stains. The standard musty vintage smell is an easy one to wash out, but anything else usually isn’t! If you are desperate to buy it and it doesn't smell too great in the armpit area, this incredible baking soda trick (second down on this article) usually works like  dream.

Always try things on
Although something may look great on the hanger, it might not on, and vice versa, you don’t know until you try it on. Get out of your comfort zone when it comes to trying on different styles and you might find something you never thought would suit you. Also remember that vintage will fit a lot differently to today’s clothing, so ignore the size labels and try it on for yourself to make sure. It's so much fun to take your best friend and have a trying on session of vintage clothing you wouldn't usually go for too!

Get creative
Now this I do a lot. If you find a vintage piece you love and can’t let go of but there’s something not quite right about it, think to yourself: if you buy it, can you customize it to suit you? If you’ve fallen in love with a dress but it’s too long, shorten it! Take out shoulder pads of 80s blouses, cut the sleeves off a jacket to turn into a waistcoat, altering an amazing printed dress into a kimono or a two-piece, having a vision to rework vintage can bring old pieces a new lease of life.

Think outside the box

Always keep an eye out wherever you go- You’ll never know where you might find incredible pieces. Get hunting in your mum or nanas or even your dads wardrobes, charity shops, and car boots are always a great one too.

All images are from Waiste Vintage, the above image is my wardrobe last year until I decluttered. I was going to originally have all the images of Waiste pieces I've found and loved but there are far too many, so make sure you have a look on the instagram where vintage treasures are posted daily. If you ever have any questions about vintage or me or anything like that, feel free to ask me on the waiste tumblr or leave them below and I'll do my best to answer them!

Saturday, 17 January 2015

✴☽ Mixed Metal Clash ☾✴

Fedora: ASOS
Shirt: H&M (old)
Kimono: Jarlo
Jeans: Dr Denim
Belt: Vintage
Cuffs: Shop Dixi via Waiste
Crystal Ring: Tentative Decisions*, Turquoise Ring: Gypsy Silver, Other Rings: Dixi
Eternal Necklace: Nostalgic Feather 
Dark Matter Pendulum Necklace: Bly Design*

*Insert obvious Stevie Nicks outfit comparison here*

Yes yes I know. Duh, she's like one the coolest women ever so I tend to want to dress like her most of the time anyway. Totally feeling the mixed metal clash today, learning from the best, Sarah from Nostalgic Feather, who not only is one of my closest friends, is a total rock and roll bohemian babe, and hand makes the dreamiest jewels over at Nostalgic Feather. She's always clashing her metals to perfection over on her instagram. So I've decided the more neutral the outfit, the heavier the jewels.

Let's talk about the jewellery not the clothes here though, I'm wearing not one, but FIVE amazing independent woman owned jewellery shop pieces. I'm behind that 100%. Shop independent and support woman owned small businesses.

These pieces have all been hand-made and you can tell that the makers heart and soul have gone into them. Tentative Decisions and Dixi are already my firm favourites and I own a lot of pieces from them, Gypsy Silver have the most incredible turquoise rings, I wear my Nostalgic Feather pieces every day and Bly Design are American and a new recent discovery of mine, mixing crytals with metals to create beautiful unique pieces. If you haven't already, please go check all these babes websites out, you won't be disappointed.


Tuesday, 13 January 2015

✥ Trying to beat my January Blues ✥

Velvet Dress: We are Cow*
Suede Fringe Jacket: Weekday (old)
Kilim Waistcoat: Waiste Vintage
Boots: Ash
Choker: Rock n Rose*
Necklaces: Dixi via Waiste and Nostalgic Feather

Ugh winter I hate you. You're too cold and blue, and you're making me feel like that too, and your harsh light is ruining my pictures. I was a little (ok, very) optimistic leaving the flat in this outfit this weekend, the wind was so bitter I was literally frozen by the time I finally got to where I was going, and my hat blew off, twice. That kind of sounded mysterious, I was actually headed out to cheer myself up and buy cake. There's an incredible bakery called Violet which I've discovered and it's about a five minute walk away from my flat (dangerous). They do the most incredible cakes. I would have taken a photo but I literally inhaled it. I would only recommend this method of cheering yourself up every once in a while though, cake is only a quick sugar induced fix for January blues though, and I've got them bad. And I was meant to be cutting out sugar! Massive fail.

So a big thanks to We are Cow for sending an incredible surprise vintage package to me last week, which included this beautiful crushed velvet maxi, it really cheered me up and definitely lessened my January blues.

But for some reason, I felt so low all of yesterday and I have no idea why, I just moped around feeling the most uncreative and just basically rubbish I'd felt in a long time. So today I tried to be really productive with work, thinking positive and I started to make ideas lists, collecting inspirational images, reading blogs, planning outfits, and it really worked, I started feeling excited and inspired again. In fact, that's a great idea for a future blogpost, right there. Plus it's my birthday soon so it's not all bad. Has anyone else felt like this recently, and if you have, how do you beat your winter blues?

Winter I won't let you get me down. But hurry up summer.


Saturday, 10 January 2015

// Stripes //

Poloneck: Zara Sale
Skirt: ASOS (old)
Belt: Vintage
Jacket: Waiste Vintage
Loafers: H&M

So, I found this gem of a vintage jacket the last time I went vintage buying for Waiste and it was around the same time I got my other 70s jacket (here) so I honestly had all the best intentions of selling it this weekend...then I tried it on with this outfit.
 I know, I know I definitely don't need another suede jacket but I think this one might just be too good to let go. I've started to get the feeling of regret when I've sold a few things recently, which is both a good and bad thing I guess? I know I can't keep everything, but it is getting harder and harder.

Weirdly, this polo neck is the first striped piece I actually own which I thought was really odd, must buy more stripes, and must buy more polo necks. I've become such a fan of Zara in the past few months, I don't really shop high street that much as vintage is my true love, but I'm getting this incredible fringe cardigan for my birthday too, and it looks so amazing on. The cardigan is the sort of thing you wish you'd found the vintage version of, but it's too hard to find...if you know what I mean. Does that even make sense? It did in my head.


Saturday, 3 January 2015

✢ New Year, Old Clothes ✢

Skirt and Top: Waiste Vintage
Fluffy faux sheepskin waistcoat: H&M
Hat: Catarzi via ASOS

My favourite vintage 70s top ever, I'm surprised it hasn't been on here before. I love the pattern, high neck and bell sleeves, I actually usually wear it as a tunic but because I'm still at home and I have a very limited wardrobe available, I've been mixing and matching. I think I did well with what I packed, I haven't got sick of wearing anything yet, and resisted the urge to sales shop. Ahem, apart from one Zara navajo cardigan but that's for my birthday anyway.

I'm always torn between the idea of just staying at home forever, especially around Christmas time, then realising I'm a grown up and I can't, I've made a life for myself in London. It's been lovely to just have a couple of weeks off and be looked after and not have to worry about anything. I'm just always so sad when it comes to an end. Wouldn't it be great if we could go backwards, instead of forwards, just once.
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