Friday, 24 April 2015

Blue Jean Baby

 :: Indian Gauze Top and Fringe Jacket :: Waiste Vintage 
:: Belt :: Vintage 
:: Bag :: We are Cow
:: Jeans :: Pylo (on sale too!)
:: Necklaces :: Nostalgic Feather

I've FINALLY found the perfect bell bottom jeans. High waisted and the perfect fit in the perfect colour, I've been searching for these for so long. Hello Pylo, I think I'm in love. I think I've worn this outfit in different combinations at least 3425 times already, when I like something I pretty much just live in it.


Wednesday, 22 April 2015

LOOKBOOK LOVE: Child of Wild - 'Lady Bird'

✦ PhotographerGraham Dunn ✦ Model: Caroline Wilson ✦ H/Mu: Melinda Lovedean ✦ StylingChloe Chippendale ✦ Threds: Stoned Immaculate
Just a few of my favourite images from another current favourite lookbook of mine by ethnic inspired jewellery brand Child of Wild. One the original and one of the best of their kind of jewellery brands, they never fail to inspire, this one is American bohemianism at it's best. Chloe Chippendale is such an amazing stylist/vintage hunter. Another dream team working their magic.


Sunday, 19 April 2015


:: Vintage 1970s Cheesecloth dress :: ebay (notyouoldcrowvintage)
:: Sandals :: Topshop
:: Choker: Nostalgic Feather via Waiste Vintage

For a girl who never wants to wear a wedding dress I do have a great love for white dresses. Honestly if I could only wear one thing forever it would probably be a vintage embroidered white cheesecloth dress. I'm glad I found this one to add to the collection, and it's finally warm enough to start wearing my new gladiators too, well, nearly.

All I want to do recently is start over again with both my wardrobe and my flat, I've really been in the mood to Spring clean and have a total refresh. I think the feeling started when I re did my blog and now I think I'm going to give everything else a makeover too, I love having a total overhaul of everything every so often, it makes everything exciting again.


Monday, 13 April 2015

❈ Miscellaneous I ❈

:: New vintage additions to my wardrobe ::
:: Visited Columbia Road and got some pretty new succulents and cacti ::
:: New vegetarian cookbook, made these incredible blueberry pecan pancakes ::
:: Brass collecting ::
:: Fluffy Herchy on his throne ::
:: Turquoise and silver rings are my current favourites ::
:: Raw brownies and energy balls, brownie recipe here ::
:: Found these brand new white Topshop arson beauties via Ebay ::
:: Sometimes I feel like I can't function without coffee ::
:: My favourites from the Waiste x NF Jewellery collab available here ::
:: NF x Waiste jewels and one of my favourite gauze tops ::

 :: New Home Additions  ::
:: New Nevarah bag, old beat up Ash Cowboy boots ::
:: Bedroom clutter ::

I'll confess, I'm addicted creating pretty photos for instagram, but I feel sad that I go to all that effort and they never end up anywhere else. So I thought it would be a nice idea to start a miscellaneous photo post series on here and post a few things I've captured over the past few months. I like collating images almost as much as I like creating them, I'm forever feeling inspired from tumblr and pinterest

It's difficult to juggle my blogging with my vintage website sometimes, and trying to be creative in two different ways, I'm forever feeling frustrated that I'm not doing enough for both. So whilst I don't want to neglect my blog, I don't want it to just be endless outfit posts either. When browsing through all my folders of photos late last night, I discovered all these I thought I'd mix it up a bit and show you a look into my world and what I've been doing and finding over the past few months. 

If you do like this kind of post, you can follow me on instagram (@sara_waiste) where I post way more often! (Sorry blog)

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