Saturday, 29 August 2015

California Here We Come

:: T-shirt :: Wildfox via Spoiled Brat*
:: Sandals :: ASOS
:: Suede Skirt :: Waiste Vintage
:: Hat :: Catarzi via ASOS

Yep I've got the OC theme tune stuck in my head after writing this blog post title thanks to this super soft amazing Wildfox t-shirt from Spoiled Brat. Such a good series. It's getting to that funny old time in the UK when it's reaching the end of our 'summer' (I'm kinda still waiting for it to happen to be honest) and there's that feeling of the season changing in the air into Autumn, I felt it today, it was sunny and I wore this, but there was a chill. How much longer can I have bare legs for? When will I start needing to take a coat out? How many times can I wear these sandals? I always  wish I lived in a country where it was warm and sunny all year round, but I really do love Autumn. I am still clinging on to the hope of an indian summer here though, as I'm not ready to put my legs away just yet-you never know.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Valley of the Dolls

:: Nettle Lace Dress :: Valley of the Dolls via Joy*

I love little white dresses. They're my weakness, a quarter of my wardrobe is devoted to them. I've got one for every occasion. This one has so many great components: the sleeves, the high neck and the material, the softest cheesecloth cotton. Being vintage inspired and not vintage I haven't got the headache of cleaning and repairing it either-trust me, white and cream vintage pieces usually need a lot of work.

I've not heard of the brand Valley of the Dolls before I discovered them through Joy, but I'm glad I have now, this pretty 70s inspired label is full of folk prints, flares and maxi dresses, just my thing.

Thursday, 20 August 2015

Velvet Cave x Waiste

 I'm wearing: 
Bells :: Velvet Cave :: *
Top :: Vintage ::

Imogen is wearing:
Bells :: Velvet Cave ::
Top :: Waiste Vintage ::

A few weeks ago I went to meet the beautiful Imogen, a fellow vintage shop owner who runs the incredible Velvet Cave Vintage over on Etsy. We had the idea to do a shoot together as she's just started her own blog, and so we had a fun afternoon shooting and playing dress up with vintage and Imogens range of handmade bells. I love how the olive ones (coincidentally) matched my vintage top perfectly, and I got to take them home too. I also loved her incredible dreamy living room where these were shot, this wall hanging is just amazing.

With blogging, I feel for me personally that I'm not your 'typical' blogger as I much prefer to do my own thing and be creative in my own way. I'm not really into trends and mainly wear vintage, half the time I don't have the time to blog but I make time as I do it because I love it, I like to wear what I like not what I 'should' and to be honest most of the time I feel awkward talking about 'my outfit' or whatever, so it's really lovely when you do meet like minded girls like myself through blogging/instagram, girls who aren't scared to go against the grain and stand out from the crowd, especially vintage loving ones. <3


Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Just like wearing your PJs, but more Stylish

Jumpsuit: Mango via ASOS (sold out now)
Sandals: Melissa*
Backpack: Scaramanga*
Necklace: Shore Jewellery*
Hat: Catarzi via ASOS

This jumpsuit is literally as comfortable as wearing as your pyjamas. This is an actual fact. Sometimes I even feel as though I can actually wear this to bed-I have been known to sleep in my clothes on several occasions. Not wearing (any!) vintage for a change, it feels weird to write that.

I'd been kinda eyeing it up for ages, but I wasn't sure, then I saw someone (can't remember who but I remember it was a babe) on instagram wearing it and was like, yep gotta buy that right now. I'm pretty sure I got the last one from ASOS as I managed to get it in my basket on my phone when I was out, but then my phone died so ran home and tried to buy it from my laptop but it said sold out and I was like WHAT NOOOOO I can't live without this jumpsuit, BUT then realised it was still in my basket on my phone and was like, YAY omg phew, and I bought it. Oh the shopping stress haha.

Oh and on a last cute note, three things: my Melissa sandals smell like cupcake dolls, remember them?! And... my necklace is made out of beach glass, how pretty is it? And lastly, just need to say... I love this backpack.

Monday, 10 August 2015

Hair Talk

Dress: Monsoon (I think)
Bag: Stela 9*
Sandals: ASOS (old)
Hair Extensions: Hippy Club*

So, can you tell I'm wearing hair extensions?

Back when I was a teenager and accidentally ruined my hair with bleach (why wasn't there anyone around to introduce me to toner/purple shampoo then? wah) I used to badly wear super long hair extensions all of the time because all I ever wanted was long blonde hair. Fast forward a few years, I decided to put down the bleach, grew my hair out naturally and I finally have long (albeit brown) hair, but you know natural colour and all-and it feels a million times healthier than my blonde candy floss ever did, yet there is STILL nearly three years after growing it out some blonde left at the ends, where it's thinner than my natural hair, which is really fine in itself. I'd love long thick locks but it's not gonna happen.

That's why these Hippy Club hair extensions are absolutely perfect for adding that thickness I need, whilst still looking completely natural. I put them in at the front and the back-they're the clip in ones so super easy to put in and out whenever you feel like, and they matched my hair perfectly just from a photo I sent them! Pretty amazing. They're based in Liverpool and you can check them out here.
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