Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Lost in the Woods

:: Dress :: Jolly Brown Vintage
:: Waistcoat :: Waiste Vintage
:: Cuffs :: Rabbit and the Raven*
:: Hair Piece :: Hippy Club*
:: Hat :: Brixton*

Photography: Alice Wint (check out her new website)

I love, love, love these shots taken by my very talented friend Alice. Honestly, getting dressed in the mornings is something I find quite difficult to do, mainly because my wardrobe seems to be full of...let's say dramatic vintage pieces, which make them perfect for doing shoots like this but are maybe slightly outrageous for everyday life. I don't own anything casual, kind of on purpose. But let's face it I'm gonna get some funny looks if I rock up to my local shop in this ensemble, not that I care one bit, but still I would probably maybe more inclined not to wear this to the shop. However it was absolutely the perfect outfit to shoot in the woods in Hampstead Heath!

It's so funny that there are certain items of clothing I wear that get all the stares, when to me I just feel like I'm wearing my 'normal' clothes. But you know what, life is far too short to wear boring clothes, so wear whatever makes you happy and you feel good, and let them stare. I've learnt that after years of trying to fit in, it's much better to stand out.


Wednesday, 21 October 2015

All the Leaves are Brown

:: Rust poloneck :: Urban Outfitters
:: Floral Shirt :: We are Cow*
:: Suede Skirt and Bag :: Waiste Vintage
:: Boots :: Park Lane via ASOS (sold out now)
:: Arrow Ring :: Stray Arrow*
:: Hat :: Brixton*

Dressing in the colours of Autumn is definitely a daily recurrence for me when the leaves are falling from the trees. Matching the door was just a bonus, haha. I am finding it hard not just to put my shaggy vintage waistcoat (I wore a few posts back) with everything though, you know when you love one thing and it just seems to go with everything? I love mixing vintage with high street, this dreamy floral shirt from We are Cow is the perfect colour and looks great with vintage suede. Beginning to wish I had kept one of the suede pinafores I've been selling on my vintage site!

For a lot of reasons,I've not being having a great week to be honest, you know one of those when everything goes wrong all at once? However I have some very exciting news about a new styling project I'm starting in the next couple of weeks, which has definitely brightened this rainy old Wednesday for me.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Chasing the Autumn Sunlight

:: Dress :: Vintage Style Me*
:: Poloneck :: Urban Outfitters
:: Boots :: Park Lane via ASOS similar here

:: Photography :: Hannah Mae Clark (shot on digital and 35mm)

I'm becoming a little obsessed with patchwork. Quilts, dresses, crochet, anything. Shooting in a field on a late Autumn afternoon last week I love how the colours of this beautiful handmade dress by Vintage Style Me complimented the long golden grass and last rays of sunshine. It's still surprisingly warm here in London and I did brave bare legs with these tan over the knee boots-I'm hoping these will be a nice alternative to the dreaded black tight these last weeks of Autumn.


Thursday, 15 October 2015

Review: Appleyard London

 Serenity Bouquet: Appleyard London*

A couple of weeks ago I got some beautiful flowers delivered to my doorstep courtesy of Appleyard London. I chose a pretty bouquet called Serenity, full of roses and daisies. It was a tough choice picking my favourite bouquet but I decided to go for a more neutral colour palette as I wanted to display them on my fireplace, and thought they complimented the space perfectly.

There's so many beautiful bouquets to choose from one the website in so many beautiful colours and all sorts of flowers, you can order and send flowers  7 days a week. You can even get next day delivery before 9pm, so they're pretty perfect for a surprise gift or a birthday present. These lasted a good week as well, I was really impressed with the quality and they came beautifully gift wrapped too.

And, you can get an exclusive 33% off of Appleyard's range of luxury bouquets with the discount code: 'BLOG33'.* 

* (Offer excludes 'Flowers by Post' range)


Friday, 9 October 2015

What Time Is It?

:: Watch :: Newgate* ::
:: Jeans :: Pylo ::
:: Poloneck :: Urban Outfitters ::
:: Platforms :: Topshop ::
:: Bag and Waistcoat :: Vintage ::

One of my favourite things to do in Autumn is to just take long walks through parks and look at all the beautiful leaves on the trees slowly changing colour. The weather has been absolutely beautiful in London too, now is the perfect time for layering but not needing to wrap up warm. Which is great as I do actually hate the cold but I've just bought an amazing new vintage coat so I am a little sad I can't wear it yet. I've been living in polo necks recently and just bought this Urban Outfitters one in a rusty colour too. I kinda feel like I need them in all the colours as they fit like a dream too. When I get dressed sometimes my thought process has basically been 'think leaf', fully embracing dressing in the colours of Autumn, haha.

I got this great new watch from Newgate, I really love the vintage style face and numbers, and I'm really liking how oversized it is too. Renowned for their iconic clocks they've recently launched their brand new watch range and have some great vintage looking designs. AND, you can get 20% off all their watches using code: newgateloveswaiste at the checkout too!
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