Saturday, 25 June 2016

American Girl

Maxi Dress: Ministry of Style*
Belt: Borrowed from Eliza
Hat: Brixton*

These were taken the first time round in LA in Joshua Tree. You know when you come back from a place when you've been for the first time and it's such a magical eye-opening experience you kinda hit rock bottom when you're suddenly back in the place you started from and don't particularly like, and feel like can't face anything anymore? That's exactly how I felt when looking at these photos again the first time around, it made my heart hurt too much to post them.

But this trip was different, we went for longer, we experienced more, and made some special friendships and had an even better experience than the first, it really felt like we lived there and I know it's not the end this time.

Monday, 13 June 2016

Pretty Little Thing

All clothing: Pretty Little Thing*
Necklaces my own

So myself and Eliza have been collaborating with Pretty Little Thing whilst out here in LA, and have put together a cool feature on their blog all about festival style with your bestie. We even made our first (and I think our last haha) video which you can watch here and you can read the full feature here. My interview will be up in a couple of weeks! 
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