Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Y.A.S Queen

Dress: Y.A.S*
Cecile Boots: Free People
Fringe Jacket: Vintage from LA
Cord Baker boy: Brixton via ASOS

Photography: Kaye Ford

If anyone watches Broad City you will get the post title reference haha.

Another one from my amazing shoot with Kaye, I'm *almost* blending into my surroundings here. Nothing beats crisp Autumn leaves. I love the prettiness of the pattern and the frills on this YAS dress being toughened up by my old and very battered vintage western fringe jacket, one my of my most treasured possessions I picked up when I went to LA the first time.

As much as I'd like my style to stay on the bohemian girly side, being in the UK it's just not that possible, and I do always tend to lean to a more of a western vibe sometimes, especially in winter when those floaty dresses just don't cut it and I'm forced to cover my legs up for fear of frostbite. But I love blending the two and mixing up my style.


Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Jewel Tones

Dress: Freshman's Sheffield
Shirt and Belt: Waiste Vintage
Boots: Free People
Kayla Cap: Brixton*

Photography: Kaye Ford

All the leaves are brown and the sky is grey. How is it so far into Autumn already? As you cans see I'm still trying to get away with no tights until the (literally) bitter end. To be fair when I met up with Kaye to shoot it wasn't even that cold.

I had such a great shoot with her, she totally got my vibes and is such a babe, was so pleased with how all the images came out! Can't wait to shoot again soon. I've been in and out of anxiety with blogging and myself at the moment, so it was a real pick-me-up to be able to have such a lovely shoot, and made me excited to start doing this properly again! So I tried to style all the outfits I brought in similar colours and tones, so first up is this incredible vintage fringe dress.

Trying to bring a little turquoise into my wardrobe recently, and when do you ever come across a 1960s vintage turquoise leather fringe pinafore in perfect condition? I found it in Sheffield but the label says Brighton Leathers. So I've brought it back home?! haha.

 I've just bought some greeny/turquoise cord flares too but I'm not too sure how to style them just yet, but don't want them to sit in my wardrobe forever. Have a look here and let me know what you think? I got them in rust first and I practically live in them. But I really want some in cream cord, now that would be perfect.

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