Friday, 27 April 2018

Marry Me?

Most people who know me know that I’ve never been the marrying kind, but after wearing one of Rue de Seine dresses that could seriously change. Yes, yes of course I know I shouldn’t be getting married just for the dress obviously, but also LOOK AT THIS DRESS. It has fringe detachable sleeves for heavens sakes, I actually want to wear this just as a dress, not just for a wedding!

Honestly if it wasn’t for the pebbles, you could almost be fooled into thinking this was shot on a beach in California and not Brighton last week! It’s a little bit of a strange one me blogging about wedding dresses without actually being close to getting married, but I couldn’t resist when I saw how dreamy the Rue De Seine bohemian dresses are. They fit my aesthetic perfectly. Apart from getting a few strange stares on the beach Kaye shot this shoot absolutely perfectly, better that I could have dreamed it-so perfect in fact I want her to a. be my wedding photographer if I do get married, and b. I would just use these images when I get married anyway, I literally want to print one off and frame it haha.

I mean, if I was to get married, I would 100% want to run away to the Californian desert to do it, and literally just have close friends/family and I’d definitely wear this fringe jacket over my dress. I would never go into a standard wedding shop and get a traditional dress, it’s just not my style AT ALL. So I'm pretty happy I did discover Rue De Seine ! A few more favourite dresses from them are this one, this one and THIS ONE :) 

Yes there are a lot of photos in this post I do apologise but it's not everyday I get to shoot a wedding dress like this!

'Ferra Night' wedding Dress: Rue De Seine*
Jacket: Vintage
Hat: Brixton*

Shot by Kaye

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