Dress and Bag: Vintage
Sunglasses: Zero UV*
Sandals: ASOS

Ok these were of course taken last week when the weather was a little more warm and pleasant, or as warm and pleasant the UK is going to get this summer it seems like, as it’s been non stop drizzly grey and raining all day today. I got this great little straw shopper from a little vintage shop near to my flat, it’s a little battered but I love that. It’s been the perfect bag for well, everything. I hate forgetting to take my bags for life to the shops and having to get plastic bags as I always imagine a poor animal getting stuck in one. (I always cut the handles before recycling just in case). However since upgrading to this cute summer straw one I haven’t forgotten it once, definitely one of my favourite buys this summer. I just want everything in pink and floral this summer please.

I literally had the most stressful week ever last week, you one of those ones where everything happens at once? I had loads of meetings, FIVE different shoots-including the very exciting Etsy one, vintage buying trips, my friend staying over, and I had to completely clean and tidy my flat from top to bottom, so I’d never looked forward to my one day off yesterday more. Hopefully this week will be a bit quieter and I’ll get chance to blog more been meaning to post this since last Tuesday oops. Well, if it stops raining that is.

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