Jumpsuit: Mango via ASOS (sold out now)
Sandals: Melissa*
Backpack: Scaramanga*
Necklace: Shore Jewellery*
Hat: Catarzi via ASOS

This jumpsuit is literally as comfortable as wearing as your pyjamas. This is an actual fact. Sometimes I even feel as though I can actually wear this to bed-I have been known to sleep in my clothes on several occasions. Not wearing (any!) vintage for a change, it feels weird to write that.

I’d been kinda eyeing it up for ages, but I wasn’t sure, then I saw someone (can’t remember who but I remember it was a babe) on instagram wearing it and was like, yep gotta buy that right now. I’m pretty sure I got the last one from ASOS as I managed to get it in my basket on my phone when I was out, but then my phone died so ran home and tried to buy it from my laptop but it said sold out and I was like WHAT NOOOOO I can’t live without this jumpsuit, BUT then realised it was still in my basket on my phone and was like, YAY omg phew, and I bought it. Oh the shopping stress haha.

Oh and on a last cute note, three things: my Melissa sandals smell like cupcake dolls, remember them?! And… my necklace is made out of beach glass, how pretty is it? And lastly, just need to say… I love this backpack.

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  1. August 13, 2015 / 9:36 am

    I am so down for wearing something that feels like PJ's out the house. Sometimes, when I was at University, I actually would leave the house in just my PJ's haha. Not sure I could face it now – this might be a good alternative :P! You look awesome as always. xx

    Abby | Eärendil

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