:: Dress :: Jolly Brown Vintage
:: Waistcoat :: Waiste Vintage
:: Cuffs :: Rabbit and the Raven*
:: Hair Piece :: Hippy Club*
:: Hat :: Brixton*

Photography: Alice Wint (check out her new website)

I love, love, love these shots taken by my very talented friend Alice. Honestly, getting dressed in the mornings is something I find quite difficult to do, mainly because my wardrobe seems to be full of…let’s say dramatic vintage pieces, which make them perfect for doing shoots like this but are maybe slightly outrageous for everyday life. I don’t own anything casual, kind of on purpose. But let’s face it I’m gonna get some funny looks if I rock up to my local shop in this ensemble, not that I care one bit, but still I would probably maybe more inclined not to wear this to the shop. However it was absolutely the perfect outfit to shoot in the woods in Hampstead Heath!

It’s so funny that there are certain items of clothing I wear that get all the stares, when to me I just feel like I’m wearing my ‘normal’ clothes. But you know what, life is far too short to wear boring clothes, so wear whatever makes you happy and you feel good, and let them stare. I’ve learnt that after years of trying to fit in, it’s much better to stand out.

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